This is a continuation of a post I wrote called, My 1st Narcotics Anonymous Meeting.

In that post I talked about LIABILITIES AND ASSETS as I took a moral inventory.

I listed my LIABILITIES and gave a brief narrative as it pertains to my life. But then, as I got to my ASSETS, I only listed them. I didn’t dive in and give any narrative. Why? Well, to be completely honest, I got lazy. All my posts are typed up on my handheld JP5 device, one finger at a time. So by the time I got to ASSETS, I was ready to be done and post!

This did not go unnoticed to some of my loyal, intent followers. I was called out on it. And rightfully so.

So now, I’ll take the time to properly finish my list of ASSETS, what they mean to me, and how they impact my life in a positive manner.

I’ll start with my beautiful, amazing wife.

SUZIE – My greatest asset. She allows me to feel love. She gives me love. She is the Love in my life.

Her love has opened so many other doors in my life. Its like a domino effect. Her love teaches me patience, understanding, forgiveness, how to effectively communicate, and so much more.

FAMILY – My family is also my greatest asset. Suzie is family. These two assets easily go together.

My family is always there for me with love, support, advice, and encouragement. They inspire me to be the best man I can be. I am very blessed to have such an incredible family. I strive to make them proud.

FRIENDS – A huge asset in my life. Suzie and Family also fit in this category.

The friends I have are amazing. There are never any arguments or fights. Most of my friends and I say, “I love you” to each other.

The circle of harmony I share with my friends is truly heart warming and inspiring. Its a real life testimony to the living power found within The Law of Attraction.

My heart, spirit, and personal conduct, attracts certain type of people to me. From this pool of attraction, I find my best friends.

LOVE – Intense affection. I’m an intense guy. Therefore I love easily. I’m focused on the things I love. I want more love in my life. Love has changed my life because it feels so much better than anything else I’ve ever felt. I’m on a mission for more love.

AWARENESS – It is so crucial to be aware of my environment, the people around me, and my mood.

By being aware, I’m able to avoid conflict and undesirable situations.

OPEN-MINDEDNESS – By keeping an open mind I’m able to try new things and meet new people without prejudice.

For example, I entered NA with an open mind. As a result, I grew to enjoy it. And that allowed me to get the most out of it.

As for people, today I associate with a diverse bunch. I keep an open mind as I get to know people on an individual basis.

Having an open mind has definitely served me well.

POSITIVE ACTION – This means to simply do what’s right. In every aspect of life. It takes great focus, commitment, will-power, and a true desire to be a good person.

The benefits of positive action comes in many forms. Such as:

The way people treat me.
Earning the trust of others.
I don’t have to worry about shake downs, UA’s, or discipline write ups.

Positive action creates positive returns from “The Law of Attraction” & “Cause and Effect”.

Through positive action I’ve earned my wife, the dog program, my early release, the love and respect of my friends and family, employment within the prison, respect from prison staff, and so much more.

HONESTY – Lying is a form of weakness. I pride myself on being a strong man.

With constant Positive Action, there’s no need to lie.

The truth will save me every time. An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.

Sometimes people won’t like the truth. But at least I can work through the issue with trust and integrity in tact.

BEING CLEAN – This is very important to me. It entails:

Shower daily
Brush and floss at least 2x a day
Stay well groomed
Keep clothes nice and clean
I always need a fresh pair of kicks
Keep my living quarters sanitized, neat, and orderly.

Being clean contributes to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It minimizes germs, bacteria, and dieses.

Keeping my cell neat and orderly benefits me psychologically. It gives me a sense of calmness and tranquility.

I’ve also noticed that some of the Officers are a little more respectful when they search a clean, neat, tidy cell.

SHARING – Sharing is against the rules, but I do it anyway. The main thing I share is food. Food is huge in prison. Everyone is always hungry and ready to eat in here.

So when my celly runs out of food, and I’m in here eating…I offer to share with him.

Sharing makes me feel good and it teaches me to be kind and compassionate.

I also share my life and journey with all of you. I love to share. It makes me feel good. Wanna bite?

WILLINGNESS – I’m always willing to take on challenges and to help people.

I’m willing to try new things and meet new people.

Some examples of this is when I discovered the power of blogging. I wanted to share the blogosphere with fellow inmates. So Suzie and I created Stone City Blog.

I’ve also just recently joined a Violence Reduction Committee, where I work with staff and inmates to reduce violence in prison.

I’m Willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and serve humanity in a positive manner.

COURAGE– I have the courage to be myself and step out on my own. To blaze my own path and not fall victim to peer pressure.

I don’t care about prison politics and those who embrace the negative prison culture.

I’m going to stand up for what’s right as I continue to live a positive lifestyle from within prison.

FAITH – I have faith that all my efforts and hard work will pay off. One day my visions of success and freedom will be a reality.

I have faith that the Law Of Attraction is a law that cannot error.

CARING – Because I care, other people care. When other people care, it serves everyone well. The law of attraction is in full effect.

KINDNESS – Being kind to everyone is extremely hard to do…especially in prison. But its possible. Anything is possible if I make it a top priority. And Kindness IS a top priority.

GENEROSITY – This asset is similar to Sharing. Although its in my heart to be generous, I must be selective and careful. Its against prison rules to give, share, sell, loan, or borrow anything.

Not too long ago a friend of mine accidentally slept through dinner. That means he would go about 20 hours without eating. When he asked if I could help him out, I did. I broke the rules and gave him some food.

As I write this, I don’t like how I’m admitting to breaking rules. I don’t like how I have to break rules to be kind and generous. When I gave him the food, I had to sneak it to him.

I guess I could’ve and probably should’ve told him, “No, giving food is against the rules. Please respect my efforts to be a model prisoner and don’t ask me to break the rules because your lazy ass slept through dinner. Besides, they’ll be calling breakfast here in about 20 hours…you’ll be okay.”

But if I would’ve said that, I’d be in violation somewhere else in my personal code of conduct…such as Sharing, Generosity, Being Impeccable With My Words…etc

Life is full of choices. Sometimes we just have to do what we feel is right in our hearts.

THANKFULNESS – I’m extremely thankful for all my assets and blessings. Despite being in prison for so long, I’m a very lucky and blessed man.

APPRECIATIVE – I’m very appreciative for everything that comes my way. My wife, family, and friends fill me up with so much love, that it leaves very little room for anything else.

In closing I’d like to point out that the quality of your life is completely up to you.

Condition your mind to focus on your assets and all your blessings. Don’t give negativity any energy.

If your in an undesired situation that you cannot change…change the way you think about it.

Learn to control your mind. Direct your thoughts in the direction of peace, love, forgiveness, and understanding.

Change your mind and it’ll change your life. The choice is entirely up to you.



Steven D. Jennings



Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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  1. Wow so many inspiring and dare say motivating assets. look at what am learning from someone in stone city? Thanks for sharring Steven and I follow Suzie’s Bear Bells impatiently. All the best to you


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