She’s Hiking 1000 Miles Just To Give Me A Hug

My amazing wife is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from California, through Oregon, to Washington.

Why? Because she says she wants to give me a hug!

Awww, how flattering.

Her hike will take three months if she can cover 11.1 miles per day. She’s hiking alone through peeks and valleys, mountain ranges, summits, and untaimed wilderness. Wow! And if that isn’t impressive enough, she’ll be doing it with 50 lbs. strapped to her back!

People ask me if I’m scared or nervous for her? Absolutely not! I’m super excited for her and I support her 100%.

My baby is highly intelligent and thoroughly prepared. She was a Girl Scout ya know.

I have complete faith in her and her abilities. I know she can do anything she sets her mind to.

As she hikes I’ll call her periodically. If she gets reception, she’ll answer. I’ll get updates and post them for all of you to read.

I’ll also share the PRAYERS and LOVE LANGUAGE DEVOTIONALS that I’ll be sending her. In doing so, I ask that you please keep my baby in your prayers and send her nothing but positive vibrations.

Thank you so much for all your positive energy, support, and prayers.



Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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