There’s Nothing Nice About Smoking Spice

I’m coming back from yard. As I enter the unit I observe three guards. They have Crazy Cuz pulled to the side.

Crazy Cuz is a 6’4″, 265 lb. bodybuilder. He’s a Crip. He’s serving 45 years for murder.

As I’m walking by I hear a guard say, “We need to take you in the back and strip search you.”

Crazy Cuz says, “F*ck that!” and takes off running. The three guards immediately chase him.

Wow! I have a front row seat to this exciting high speed chase. I don’t have to run to keep up. I just calmly walk in the direction of all the action, keeping everything in my line of vision.

Crazy Cuz runs up the stairs yelling, “Move, move, get the fuck outta my way!”

People move.

He makes his way to the bathroom and tries to enter a toilet stall, but they’re both occupied. He attempts to pull one open. By the time he gives the stall door a few jerks, the three guards catch up to him.

One guard is yelling, “It’s over! It’s over! Get down! Cuff up!”

Crazy Cuz yells, “Nothing is over! Nothing is over!” as he runs past all three guards. They could’ve grabbed him. But none of them want to tangle with this big ol monster.

As he runs out of the bathroom he turns to go down the stairs only to find that backup has arrived. Six more guards are now on the scene and they are all running up the stairs.

Crazy Cuz runs the other way. Then, about halfway down the tier, he surprises everyone by jumping off the top tier.

He lands on his feet and breaks his fall with both hands. Then springs up like a professional athlete and takes off running!

He has a huge lead on all the guards as he runs out of B-Pod and into A-Pod.

Like a good investigative journalist gathering info for a blog post, I follow.

As Crazy Cuz enters A-Pod, he once again runs to the top tier. But this time he doesn’t go to the bathroom.

The tier is like a square horseshoe. The bathrooms are located at each end. Crazy Cuz runs to the middle of the tier!

He’s trying to rip something out of the front of his pants. He’s struggling. Whatever it is…ITS STUCK!

The guards are closing in from every direction. Crazy Cuz is jogging back and forth as he frantically tries to free whatever is down his pants.

The guards are yelling a slew of directives as they get closer and closer.

Crazy Cuz panics and gets super aggressive as he violently rips free the object from his crotch area. Its a regular sock full of something! For being in prison, this dude has some serious quantity! No wonder he’s running from the cops!

With the sock in hand, he sprints towards the bathroom. In his path is two guards. This is about to get physical. At the point of impact, the guards get out of the way!

Crazy Cuz makes it to the toilet stall and easily flushes his sock full of contraband.

He calmly walks out of the stall and says, “Now its over!” as he turns around and let’s the guard cuff him up.

By now there are about 15 guards in the unit. And about 10 of them escort Crazy Cuz to the hole without further incident.

Rumor has it that Crazy Cuz was high on Spice when all this took place. Its also rumored that he flushed about 2 ounces of Spice down the toilet.

The guards wanted to strip search him because they received confidential information that he was selling Spice.

For more on Spice related incidents, please read my post called Smoking Spice In Prison.



Steven Jennings


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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