Yahoo Leaves


I had him for 76 glorious days. In that time, I witnessed an impressive transformation. He went from a dog that didn’t even know his name, or any basic commands, to a dog that obeys all his commands and even learned a couple new tricks.

At 3pm a Sargent came to my cell and told me to take Yahoo to Master Control at 8pm. Since he didn’t get adopted, he’s going back to PAWS (a local animal shelter). That gave me 5 hours to say goodbye. I enjoyed every second of it.

During count, I layed on the floor with him, using his body as a pillow. My hands massaged his neck and ears nonstop. I skipped going to the chow hall for dinner and ate with Yahoo instead. Tonight we had my Spectacular Brown Rice creation. I mixed a generous amount into his normal dog food. He loved it!

At 6pm I took him out to the yard to say goodbye to all who grew to love him. He got a lot of attention and love.

Then from 7-8pm Dicky and I hung out in the cell with Yahoo. We brushed him, gave him treats and spoiled him. He could definitely sense something was different.

At 8pm, Dicky grabbed the leash with Yahoo and I pushed him in his wheelchair as all three of us headed to Master Control. That’s where we met the Head Trainer. She told us we did a good job and thanked us.

My last goodbye consisted of a kiss on his nose followed by, “That was from my momma.” Then another kiss on the nose followed by, “That was from Suzie.” Then I pinched both his cheeks, kissed both sides of his nose and said, “And that’s from me!”

I handed over the leash and watched him disappear through two gates that lead to freedom. I got a little more emotional than I expected. Even though I mentally prepared myself, and I knew this moment would come, nothing can replicate or prepare me for the actual event of saying goodbye.

Yahoo was an absolute joy and pleasure to work with. He will forever live in my heart.

Now I’m ready for the next dog…bring it on!



Steven Jennings


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