Love Letter #27

Internet Date

Dec. 2012


My Sweet Beautiful Suzie!


I love you! How do I know? Because I feel you in my heart…constantly.


You asked if I’m getting tired of you? Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. I’m tired of this amazing feeling you’ve created within my soul. I’m tired of looking at your beautiful face and dreaming of your soft touch. Are you crazy! Baby, I could NEVER get tired of you! Give me more. I love and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.


You are my Goddess. Without you, I am incomplete. You fill a huge void that I hope to never feel again. I want to build my world around you as I worship you and love you to the absolute best of my ability. Nothing but love baby, that’s all I have for you. Pure, unadulterated love.


I love getting mail from you. Thank you sweetheart. I can feel you so strongly in your writing. I understand you, I get you, and I care deeply for you. Your visions and perspectives are so comforting. You are the exact reason why I’ve been so patient all these years when it comes to love. I knew you were out there. And now that I’ve found you, I’ll never let you go. I’ll love and cherish you forever!


I’m sending you the marriage packet full of paperwork in my next envelope. Let’s start the process! I can’t wait to make sweet passionate love to you. Mwah. As good as it is right now, just know it gets sooo much better. You’re mind cannot even conceive how good it’ll be when we get our special 48 hour EFV.


I understand that you’re worried if I’ll like you in person, or if you’re pretty enough, or if I’ll like your body. Your concern is well noted. But if I had any doubts what so ever, we wouldn’t be where we’re at now. Ever since I was a very young boy I’ve always been attracted to thick girls. I like big butts! My childhood crushes involved not one, but two girls who had freckles. Baby, I find you to be absolutely gorgeous! I am already so in love with you…all of you…your mind, body, and soul.


It is a fear of mine that I will grow to love you the way I know I will, and then you’ll find someone new who is out there, and leave me. That’s why I asked that you at least give me 4 years. Because I know once I get to love you in person, you’ll see that no other man can love you and make you feel the way I do. I wanna be the absolute best for you. My mind is set on being just that. I understand that it would take a very special woman to love me and be with me for the next 10-17 years while I’m in prison. I believe I’ve found that special woman in YOU. So the least I can do is make all your dreams come true, love you unconditionally, and treat you with nothing but love and respect…forever!


I dedicate this song to you: “Lady” by Kenny Rodgers. It’s simply beautiful, just like you. I get the chills and my eyes start to water when I think of you as it plays.


You stay on my mind. I’m so in love with you it’s crazy! I keep thinking about the first time I get to see you. Then I think about our first EFV together and how I’m gonna keep you laughing. And moaning. And breathing hard. Yep, all that! And then some. You’re in for a very special out-of-this-world treat!


Good things come to those who wait. I’ve been waiting for you all these years. Now that I’ve found you, I just want to hold you and cry. You have truly blessed my life.


I love you. Mwah.


Your Man,


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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