Letter #21




Dec. 2012

My Dear Suzie,


Let me start by saying I love you! I love the simplicity of your poems. Mine are the same way. Nursery rhyme-like, if you will. I’ve read some poems that are so complex, you need a Masters Degree to understand them. And even then, they don’t make sense. Their so smart, their stupid. Check this one out. I hope you like it.


I’m up on the things I do,
So smooth, everything to prove.

Potential, desire, it all exists,
Visions of millions clinched in my fists.

Fueled by a fantasy I know I can achieve,
Living a life you can hardly believe.

I am my God with Christian beliefs,
Ten acres of $100’s I’ll rake in like leaves.

All fueled by this intense miss,
No love, no hugs, no kiss.

Prison life!
No wife, no kids, no life.
Combine it all with great strife.

The energy is powerful on the negative side,
I harness it like a stallion, saddle up & ride to the positive side.

This new horizon that it’s taken me to,
Has enabled me to live just as I do…

Comfortable, well, healthy, and strong,
Pure honest morals that won’t steer me wrong.

Balance, truth, anticipate,
Constantly prepping for my release date.
I can’t wait!
A clean slate

With millions to burn,
Applying all that I’ve learned.

It’s now my turn to create heaven on earth,
Living everyday for what it’s worth.

No longer deprived, free from deprivation,
Everyday of my life is an exotic vacation.

All conceived from the pits of hell,
All conceived from my prison cell.

Darkness filled gloom,
Mentally transformed into my greenroom.

Where I rehearse and meditate,
On life after prison, it’s never too late.

I made up my mind and went ALL IN,
Now I’m a multi-millionaire straight from the pen!


* * *


I can’t wait to kiss your beautiful soft lips. I love you!

Your Man,


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