Love Letter #18


Dec. 2012


My Beautiful Suzie,


Did I drop the “L” bomb on you? YEP! I’ll do it again…I love you!

You asked if I celebrate Christmas? As a kid we had a tree, stockings, and Santa came. I don’t have any of that in my life now. But only because I’m in Da Joint! So believe me when I tell you that YOU have been a true gift for me this year. I will always remember this Christmas because it’s when you and your sweet love entered my world. Mwah.


Thank you for coming into my life. My days are so much brighter with you always on my mind. You make me a better person and inspire me to reach a little higher and dig a little deeper. I can’t wait to see you, hold you, and kiss your beautiful face.


What we have is special. Our story isn’t like any other. We have something others simply don’t have and will never find. We’re still writing our love story and we can craft it to fit the desires of our hearts. We can make millions with what we have…and we will…watch!


We are so in-tune with each other. I answered some of your questions before you even asked, and vise versa. You asked how I do that. Well Suzie Marie, it’s actually quite simple. I just speak from my heart and allow my emotions to surface. I don’t hold back. I like to say exactly what’s on my mind.


I wish I could be on house arrest with you instead of here in prison. I’d spend all day hugging and kissing you. It’ll be kinda like that when you come stay with me for 48 hours at our EFV’s. Just you and I locked in our special play pen for two whole days. Whatchya wanna do first? I say we put on some soft music and slow dance. We’ll take our time and enjoy each other as our anticipation builds for what’s to come. It’ll be so amazing! My stomach gets butterflies every time I think about it. Other things happen too…


This paragraph is VERY sexual in nature…for my eyes only.  😉


I will try my best to keep my words sweet. It can be challenging in here at times. But with you in my heart, it’ll help me stay focused and give me new perspective. I wanna conduct myself in ways that would make you proud…always.


I love you. And I’m always here for you in every aspect of life. You are my best friend and I am so down for you! I understand that our relationship started off on fire. But to be honest, I like that. You are the woman I’ve been dreaming about for years. I fell in love with you instantly. I grow to love you more and more everyday. I want to build a future with you and a life-long marriage. I know when something feels right…and baby you feel oh so right. I’m ready to go all the way with you. Know and trust that.


I’m forever yours, Suzie.
Smile, I love you!


Enjoy the Holiday season and know I’m thinking of you.



Your Future Husband,


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