We Won The 2015 Christmas Door Decorating Contest!


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I know this post is late…but better late than never.

My wife and I won the 2015 Christmas Door Decorating Contest!!!

For the back story on this project, you can read our posts:

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The prize for 1st place was a huge double layered 12”× 24” Spice Cake with white frosting. I gave most of it away. It was way too much for one person. Then I sent the winning door to Suzie. Not the actual door itself… here, let me explain:

Before I decorated the door, I sheet rocked it with cardboard. Then I attached all the decorations to the cardboard. So nothing was actually on the door except for cardboard. After we won, I just peeled off the cardboard, cut it into three sections, and stuffed it into a customized box I made for shipping. When she got it, she re-assembled it, and now has the winning masterpiece hanging on her bedroom wall.

If you look closely, there is actual popcorn and fruit loops strung on the tree. 🙂

Oh, and the snowflakes are all dangling on the door by strings of floss. When the judges came to see the door, I turned on my fan and pointed it towards the door to make the snowflakes flutter and float as if really falling from the sky. And the presents under the tree are all 3D and each have an individual Christmas tag.

Sorry I left ya all hanging for so long.

So now ya know…WE WON!

With 900 miles between us, we worked together brainstorming and putting this Christmas project together with love…and our creative teamwork proved successful.

I love doing things with my wife that helps bridge the long distance between us.



Steven Jennings


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