Love Letter #14

th (48)


Dec. 2012


My Darling Suzie,


What does LOL mean? When people write that do they really laugh out loud? Well I did! You had me LOL’ing. I loved the task you had me do. And yes, I did it. Suzie, you really are amazing! I’m sincerely touched by you. In many ways. I love how you make me feel. I look at your picture and wonder, will I really get to kiss this woman? Make love to this woman? And have this woman to call my own? The thought is comforting. You are so much more than a pen-pal. You are my special lady who I love and adore. You are my future lover, wife, mother to my kids.


Nope, it’s not crazy to say you miss me even though we haven’t met. I know how you are feeling. I miss you too baby.


I wanna kiss you…more than you want to kiss me…believe that!


I like how your mind thinks. I guess it is possible that I am just playing you. But I’m for real, my love is for real, and I have my eyes locked on your fine self! If you think these letters are fun and exciting, then wait until I get my hands on you. It’ll be out of this world! Words can’t do it justice. I’m going to bless you with the best feelings ever. Feelings that most women will never know or experience. Mind body and soul, I’ll make love to all three, creating the ultimate pleasure that’s off the charts! Not to mention the psychological aspects of you being my one and only woman in the last 20 years, and no one can touch me like you can.


Marry me. Be my lover. Lets have babies. Money won’t be an issue…I got you.


You asked me about my religion. I do not believe in God. I don’t believe Jonah lived in the belly of a fish for 3 days. I don’t believe Jesus was born of a virgin. I don’t believe Moses parted the Red Sea.


I do believe the Bible is a book of mythology and the stories within are to make a point. I believe the Bible is full of excellent precepts and philosophies. And if people live their lives accordingly, they will live a good morally sound life. I’m a realist and I believe in science and facts. Religion is man made and forced upon us at a young age. That doesn’t make it real. Not to me. So I’ve created my own tailor made religion just for me. I am my own God. Some mythology God won’t help me. I need to help myself, focus on the right things, and impose my own goodwill within this hidden society. I respect Christian values and I apply lots of them to my life. But I don’t believe in an actual God.


You asked what a conjugal room looks like. They are little 2 bedroom mobile homes (SCCC has 4 of them). They’re pretty nice. Inside there is a big TV, PS2, radio, games, coffee maker, toaster, and all standard appliances, except for a washer and dryer. Out in the yard there is a picnic table and a BBQ. But I can’t imagine us BBQ’ing. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you long enough. I’d swoop you up in my arms, take you back inside, and toss you on the queen mattress. Then, before you know it…


This paragraph is VERY sexual in nature…for my eyes only.  😉


I love you. Believe that!




PS – Let’s get married and make babies!!! Mwah.


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