Love Letter #13



Dec. 2012


My Sweet Steven,


I have such sweet warm thoughts of you. You have truly touched my heart.


How is your day going? Need some smiles? You and I share a whacky sense of humor, so I think you’ll appreciate this. You asked me to give you a little task, so here you go…promise you’ll do it?


Okay, read carefully & do exactly what I tell you. You gotta follow my instructions or this won’t work (and NO sneaking ahead, that’ll take the fun outta it). Trust me. Here it goes…


** Stand up, right here at the computer. (Stop laughing & just do it!) 🙂

** Take a step to the left

** Now balance on one foot

** Put one arm on your hip

** Stretch your other arm out straight forward w/your fingers spread apart

(stop looking around at the people staring at you!!! hehe)

** Okay, now bring your thumb from your outstretched arm & touch your nose with it

** Now…wiggle your 4 other fingers

** Now stay exactly like that & count 10 Mississippi’s out loud (ya – I’m serious)


Did you do it ???


I am pleased to say that I have: uplifted, moved, and touched you. And I now know that I can count on you.


Oh man, what I would’ve given to see your face during that! You did ask for me to give you a task…you weren’t exactly specific, so I decided to be.


Anywho, you’re on my mind as usual. I hope you have a jolly golly fine day! Everytime I get a message from you, I light up completely.


Dreaming of us. Mwah!




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