Love Letter #11


Dec. 2012


Dearest Steven,


I feel good right now. I want to hop up on that bed of yours and just snuggle up close to you while you read this. So move over and make some room. Here I come. It’s chilly out so hold me close. Let my head rest on your chest while you read. Let our legs tangle together, and put your arms around me. Perfect.


In one of your letters you asked me to consider giving you 4 years of my love. I’m sorry. I can’t. My love has no expiration date. If I love you, I love you with my whole heart for our whole life.


I can and I will love you unconditionally. I’ll be by your side forever more. I’ll be there when you walk out of those prison doors. I’ll do the time right alongside you. In your arms is where I want to be, where I belong. I will wait for you.


You are so tender it’s as if you’ve been marinating for me for the last 20 years. I will saver you in my life and in my heart. Time is not our enemy. Time is our ally. Lets fall in love like no other ever has.

“The longest journey begins with the first step.”


Baby, my first step was writing YOU. Coming across your online profile has changed my life. Do you believe in soul mates? Fate? True love? Whatever cosmic force brought us together, I’m thankful.


I send you hugs, kisses, whispers, touch’s, goose bumps, tickles, and I send you all of me tied up in a loving red bow this Christmas.


Thinking Sweetly of You,


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