Love Letter #4

soul mates


Dec. 2012

Hey Steven,


It’s me! Let me just wrap my arms around you and give you a hug. I’m touched that I touched you so. I honestly thought I would’ve sounded like a boring average girl. Surprises really are around every corner…unless you respond to all letters like that? Scratch that out please! I’m not gonna ruin this moment…I like to smile, and you make me smile 🙂


I just spent nearly 2 hours sitting alone on my couch, and as I was reading your letters I didn’t feel so alone.


How did I stumble upon your profile? Well, I was actually looking online about how to send a thank you card to the troops in Iraq. I’m not a very political person or involved in the whole “supporting our troops” thing. It’s not that I don’t care, I just never felt the urge to get involved. So, I’m online and I see all these sites for troops like: pen pals, adopt-a-soldier, soldier angels, and so on. Then on the right side of the monitor I read, “Prison Pen-Pals.”


Clicking that site has lead me to you. 🙂


I figured that the troops have plenty of support, but some inmates may have no one. Good people get locked up everyday for making mistakes. The ironic part of it is that I went from wanting to write a military soldier who is: issued weapons and firearms, and who is serving our country like some goody-goody poster boy … to wanting to write an inmate who’s locked up, shunned from society, who has committed a crime, and who maybe used firearms illegally.


I gambled with serious society standards when I sent you that first letter. I kissed it before I dropped it in the mailbox. Also, maybe since you were asking for “Prison Sex“, you were looking for a “slut-ish” type. I’m not. And I’ll be completely honest, I’m not very experienced in the bedroom.


Your words that you wrote me were so sweet, so true, so right. I could hardly believe my eyes or my heart. My mind is in la-la land fantasizing about you. You make me smile, blush, and tingle all over.

Just think about how we’d feel in each others arms. Skin to skin. Lip to lip. My hot moist breath in your ear, nibbling and kissing. Then my lips slide down your neck slowly, while my hands are rubbing you here, there, and everywhere. My hands are like a magnet to your body. My lips are like tasting a scented fluffy white cloud in the blue endless sky. You’re strong, but gentle. I’m gentle, but strong. We’d fit together like two nestled spoons in a drawer. Lock us up together for 48 hours and we could…


Wake up, Suzie! I’m day dreaming again. Sorry about that. I must’ve been sleep-writing. What does a cloud taste like you say? Nobody knows, but maybe soon we will. It’ll be so out of this world that you’ll be mad when there’s no clouds in the sky. After getting a taste of one another, we’ll be longing for soft clouds and yearning for each other’s shade over our bodies.


It’s the romantic in me. Hope you don’t mind all of my metaphors. Hey, you said you didn’t mind if I babbled on and on 😉


I was raised in a Mormon family. I had a very sheltered childhood. Now I’m more spiritual than religious. I had too many rules growing up. I wanted to experience life on my own terms, without being preached at. I have values and morals, and I know right from wrong. I don’t need a specific religion in order to live my life. This can be a sensitive subject for me. I’m not saying I’m done with religion for good…just for now. I’ll find my own way back, I don’t want to be dragged. What about you, do you practice any religion?


You sure know how to make a girl weak in the knees. You’re handsome with a great kissable smile. You have big beautiful chocolaty brown eyes. You got a body that my fingers are dying to explore. And you say all the right things. You make me feel special. Maybe because YOU are special.


There’s something…familiar?…about you. I can’t explain it. Not yet anyways. I know what I’m feeling, but I can’t seem to find the right word for it.


“But wait!” the back of my mind yells. What if this is all just some big hoax and I’m just a pawn that he and his cell buddies are getting a hilarious kick out of? I don’t want to think that, I’m just keeping it honest with you about my thoughts.


Do you ever have dejavu and feel like you were supposed to be in a particular place at a particular time? I love that feeling! You feel as if you are where you’re supposed to be right then in that single second. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you just can’t ignore it.

I’m just gonna come right out and say it…what if I’ve been searching for my match all of these years…and never found him because he hasn’t been out in society for me to find?


Is it crazy to say “I miss you” even though we’ve never met?


Your Mysterious Friend Is Thinking of You…a lot,


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