Love Letter #3


Dec. 2012


Dear Suzie,


What up? Not much here. Just chillin in my cell writing to my mysterious new pen-pal friend. So far, I like you. I REALLY like you. I can tell that you are not like anyone I’ve met. I feel like you could be “The One.”


I know you’re beautiful. I know you’re sexy. I know you’re smart and articulate. I love love love it! I know you’re huggable, kissable…unbelievable! I am sooo VERY 100% absolutely interested in you. When can I meet you?


Most guys in here settle for anyone. The visiting room is riddled with mis-matches. Then once he is released, she gets kicked to the curb after 5, 10, 15 years of unconditional love and support. It’s very sad. I could never do that to someone.


Envision yourself coming to a conjugal visit with me for 48 hours. Is this really something you could see yourself doing? My sexual experience is very limited. You’d be surprised at all the things I’ve never done. You’d also be surprised at all the things I know. I’ve read many articles written by woman regarding sex. I can’t wait to try all the things I know. ūüėČ Shhhh, don’t say a word. Just lay back and relax as I bring you to a slow boil. I’m fixing to take you places you’ve never been. Mind, body, and spirit…it’s all relevant to achieve the ultimate pleasure. Combine that with the psychological aspects of me and my situation, and you’ll receive an experience that no other man can match. I’ll treat you like a Goddess and worship you. I’ll make love to you with such passion and intense desire. For you are my one and only lover, the woman of my life, the only thing that matters, my life, world, universe.


Only a man that has gone sooo long without , can truly appreciate the beautiful love of a woman. My thoughts and feelings run deep. I’m just offering you a glimpse, the tip of the iceberg, if you will.


As I think, so I am;
as I continue to think,
so I remain.


Will you share a poem with me? Pleeease???


I feel good, Suzie. And YOU are a big reason why I feel so good!

Wanna make huge amounts of $$$? I’m obsessed with it. My thoughts transformed into burning desire, which transformed into a healthy obsession. Baby…do you have a desire to be filthy rich? If so, how would money change you? Your life?


I sincerely hope you are the woman I’ve dreamed about. Because if you are, I’m going to make your dreams come true. And help create new dreams that we will achieve together. After reading just ONE letter from you, and looking at 1/8th of your face…I already feel big ol love for you. I want to learn about you. Your comfort level is very important to me. I wanna be a blessing in your life. Mold me baby. Teach me your ways so I can always put a smile on your face. I will listen to you and apply the important aspects to ensure¬† a beautiful, successful relationship.


Here’s something to consider: Give me 4 years of your love.¬† Marry me and lets be lovers in the flesh. No one has to know, or, tell the world. Keep your name. Live your life. The only difference would be now you meet criteria to come have EFV’s with me (conjugal visits). If at any time you should have to move on because you found someone else, or for any reason, then I would understand and support you. I do realize that sounds crazy, but I think about EVERYTHING…even the break-up. I just wanna love you, even if it’s only for a short while. Just know this: I’m down for you and I support you…unconditionally.

Tell me your thoughts on all of this. I can’t wait to hear back from you.

Have a great day!




I could hardly believe what I was reading. This man¬†sure didn’t sound like a rough, hardened convict. There was a honest and gentleness about him. I felt a little shocked…here he was proposing to me!

I had always dreamed of the day a man would profess his love for me and ask me to marry him. This was WAY different than what I imagined as a little girl. After all, it was very un-traditional when compared to my comfortable traditional upbringing.

I knew it¬†might seem¬†scandalous of me and that my family¬†& friends would find it strange, but I¬†¬†wanted to get to know him better. So, I sat down to write him again…a man in prison, whom I¬†warmly, yet strangely, ¬†felt a connection to.

I read between the lines and I sensed a loneliness in him. A loneliness and a deep desire to be loved, which I also longed for.  ~Suzie


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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