Stop With The Demands!


I love my wife with all my heart. She is such a sweet, gentle person. Words alone cannot adequately express my love for her. But my actions can.

From day one, I promised her my very best. However, there were times I failed. My failure was a result of me making demands of my wife, and her not performing to my satisfaction or expectations.

I knew something had to change. I seeked advice from friends and family. I tried several different tactics and strategies. Only to make things worse. I was failing! And THAT didn’t make me happy.

More importantly, my wife wasn’t happy.

So I completely changed my approach. I took back all of my demands and virtually wiped the slate clean. This was a process that involved Suzie & I to go over her To-Do list one task at a time.

As she read the first task, I said, “Don’t worry about that one. Take it off.”

She questioned, “Why take that one off?”

I asked her, “Does that cause you stress?”


I respond, “That’s why we’re taking it off.”

Then I asked for the next task on her list and if that one caused her stress. She simply said, “Yes.”

I say, “Take it off.”

One by one, we went through a long list and my only demand was to take it off.

This was the start of something special.

From that point forward I would only focus on serving her.

By eliminating her To-Do list, we helped relieve her stress. I realized that nothing is more important to me than my wife’s happiness. And the key to a happy marriage is learning to serve the love of my life…Suzie Marie.

Instead of making demands, I would ask her, “Baby, is there anything I can do for you?”

Her reply is always sweet and simple. She would say things like:  a poem, a love letter, a picture of my handsome face, or a romantic homemade card, etc. What ever her request is, I happily do.

Then something amazing happened. She asked me, “Is there something I can do for you?”

I said, “Baby, just by you being in my life is more than I ever expected. Your love is all I need.”

We spent the rest of our call just loving on each other and strengthening our circle of harmony.

Let me fast-forward a few months…to NOW.

Things have never been better between Suzie & I. We are so deeply in love and in-tune. I’ve never felt anything this incredible! My whole life revolves around serving my wife. And that brings me great happiness & joy.

The physical distance between us gets hard sometimes. We are not together everyday to pick up on little signs, mannerisms, or body language that couples who live together can see. Suzie and I must put a lot of work into our communication to keep our unity strong.

My actions, combined with Suzie’s generous and loving spirit, has created a mutual attitude of service towards each other.

When she asks me, “Is there anything I can do for you?”, I now occasionally slip in a task that used to be on that long To-Do list.

That’s a far cry from where we used to be. The days of demands are over!

Now we serve each other with a genuine heart. And the results are absolutely amazing!

Give your spouse the gift of serving and stop with all the demands. For this truly is the key that leads to a growing marriage full of happiness, love, and compassion.


Steven Jennings


PS – Please check out our GoFundMe page. Any support towards helping us spend our Wedding Anniversary together would be greatly appreciated.



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