Super Bowl 50: Carolina vs. Denver




Its Superbowl Sunday. I’m loving it! I woke up this morning excited for some football and fundraiser.

At 8:30am I’m going to pick up one large pizza, 8 pieces of fried chicken, and a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper (Est. 1885).

The atmosphere is nothing like last year when Seattle played New England. But that’s ok. I’m still going to thoroughly enjoy it. As I do, I will have my new JP5 mini tablet by my side, blogging and sharing this Super Sunday with you.

Lady Gaga sings the National Anthem . OMG…absolutely beautiful!

If you missed it…you’ve got to see it. Isn’t it on YouTube or something? Find it! Watch it! You’ll love it!!! I still have goosebumps.

Carolina wins the toss and decides to play defense first. Hmmmm, I think they should’ve taken the ball, scored, and put immediate pressure on Denver.

Kick off…Caldwell to the 20…here comes Peyton.

Ut oh…Denver is driving! Already in field goal range.

Yep, 3-0 Denver!

See…why would Carolina want to start the Super Bowl from behind? I understand they want the ball first in the second half…but they are not a second half team. They are a first half team that starts off fast. SO TAKE THE BALL FIRST!!!

Newton starts at the 18 yard line. Ut oh…three and out for Carolina.

Denvers ball at the 24. Don’t let Peyton go up 10-0

Did you see that commercial? Baby in womb eating Doritos. Very funny.

Carolinas defense does its job. Let’s go Cam!!!

Yes, I want Carolina to win.

Good challenge, bad call…that was a catch!

10-0 Denver!
See? That’s why Carolina should’ve taken the ball first. I’m in prison and even I know that!

Taunting on Denver. That makes up for the completion they called incomplete. It goes both ways.

May the best team win.
Let’s go Carolina!!!

End of first quarter. I’m hungry. Pizza is gone! I have chicken, but I’m blogging. I don’t wanna get my touchscreen all greasy.


Halftime: Carolina 7, Denver 13

I loved the halftime show. The theme was “Believe in Love.” Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Cold Play all rocked.

Okay Carolina, show the world why you wanted the first possession of the second half.

Nice catch and run Ted Ginn Jr. Set the tempo! Find your rhythm! Get your mash on!

Sweet…Carolina is in field goal range.
The kick is up….NO GOOD!

This game is definitely going Denver’s way. Ever since Carolina botched the coin toss, I’ve had a bad feeling.

Greeeeat…..Denver just tacked on another three. It’s now 7-16.

Let me get back to this botched coin toss thing. I really feel like this would be a completely different game if Carolina would’ve taken the ball first.

Did you watch the Denver/New England game? It went to overtime and New England won to toss. New England gave the ball to Denver first. Denver scored the winning touchdown and New England never even got their offence on the field.

That’s a prime example why you take the ball when you win a coin toss in the NFL!

Super Bowl babies…. awesome commercial.

Sweet! Peyton fumbles.
Let’s go Cam!
Hope is alive and well.

Carolina is in field goal range. The kick is up….its good! Denver 16, Carolina 10.

Gotta admire Budweiser for promoting safety. Nicely done.

Carolina punts. Denver’s ball.
I’d love to see a pick six. Or a scoop and score. Or some divine intervention from my role model Jesus H. Christ. Is “H” really his middle initial?

Denver punts. Carolina has the ball and needs 74 yards for the winning touchdown. They have 4:51 to get er done!

Newton fumbles!
Denver’s ball… first and goal from the four yard line.

Touchdown Denver!
This game is all but over.

It’s official. Carolina needs Jesus. I guess Jesus said, “no”.

Alrighty then!

Congratulations Peyton Manning!!! I’m happy for him and his family. Now he can ride off into the sunset at the top of his game as a two time Super Bowl Champion. The joy he must be feeling is so powerful.

Now I’m about to wax approximately five pieces of greasy fried chicken and enjoy the rest of this wonderful day with my dog, Yahoo.



Steven Jennings


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