My Wife Is My Strength

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I haven’t seen my wife since October 19, 2015. I miss her. I miss her touch. I miss her smell. I miss her face!

We get our first EFV (Extended Family Visit) in March of next year. That’s very exciting for me to think about. I like to think about things like that. It takes my focus away from the fact…I MISS HER!

I also like to write her love letters and poems. Because when I’m writing her, I feel like I am with her. I wrote the following poem for her. It was inspired by love & Psalm 23.


My Wife Is My Strength

My wife is my strength, with her I lack nothing. With her by my side, I am strong enough to overcome anything.

She lays me down in the finest linen, cloaked with elegant perfume. She floats me down quiet streams, and restores my soul.

She guides me down paths of righteousness with her love & compassion.

Her sweet name is a soft reminder of all things good in my life.

Even though I walk through the valley of death and self-destruction, I fear no evil. For she is always with me, providing me a shield of love.

Her love has built within my soul a shield made up of truth & understanding. This shield repels the deeds of negative action, rendering my enemies ineffective.

She anoints my heart with a powerful love thats strong enough to transform coal into gold.

With her love, my cup overflows.

Her beauty and love will guide me for the rest of my days.

I will forever dwell in the midst of her love & compassion as I honor and cherish all the beauties she has created in my world.

I will forever LOVE my wife with all my heart…for she truly is my most treasured blessing in this world.

Thank you, Suzie…I love you!




Until next time, love with all your strength and enjoy the beautiful rewards.


Steven Jennings



  1. Beautiful poem ! My husband just sent me a poem he wrote yesterday Im definitely getting it framed:) Hopefully Suzie will be coming back to visit you soon. Maybe in time for the Women’s event at Stafford. My husband is in the process of transferring there and will be there Monday I’m excited to say the least. Any tips or info on Srafford would be appreciated. I always look forward to your blogs!! I understand about efvs too we have 22 months to go Nov of next year. Btw how often do they have efvs there at Stafford? It was 30 days at crcc. Until next time take care..

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  2. Aww so beautiful and full of love! I love how you choose to mostly focus on the thrill of looking forward to your next extended family visit together instead of focusing more on the unpleasant fact that you have to wait so long. There’s always good & bad and it’s up to us to choose which to put most of our attention on. Thank you for sharing! 😀

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