There Are Two Views In Every Window




My eyes have not been able to pull away from this picture for days. I am memorized by the different meanings that I interpret within it.

I feel a loneliness, but also love & hope as well. It’s strange to feel such a mixture of emotions at the same time.

I am alone, yet, I am not. My husband and I are in a similar emotional situation.

Being married to a man in prison has been the most challenging, and yet, the most rewarding thing in my life. This amazing man is unlocking my mind, just as I am unlocking the world for him.


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When I put these pictures side-by-side, I have an entirely different perspective. To me, these pictures and what they represent are easily interchangeable between him and I. We are teaching each other so much about the world, the mind, and the heart.

Our marriage truly has a unique window that we use to unite & connect. Our views are felt, experienced, and seen through each others eyes.

Between those two pictures, I place this bridge:




This bridge connecting our worlds is life-changing for us both. We use it frequently in our relationship. It is safe, sturdy, with a firm foundation built out of love, understanding, patience, and comfort.

I am blessed to have such a beautiful marriage.



Suzie Jennings



  1. That is beautiful Suzie. We haven’t spoken in a while. It is hard when there is so much to write about and still get back to blogs you want to follow. I know for me – and I am sure for you – when your life is tied up with someone in prison you care about you begin to learn about life in ways that are different from most. So many people have such a negative feeling about inmates, as though they are are all murderers, and even if they were, are they not allowed to reflect on their lives, learn from it and become better people? Can they not use their experience to have a positive impact on others? people forget the things they have done in their own life they would rather people not know about. Like your pictures – there are two sides to every story, but so many people only want to hear the negative. My most recent post has to do with the children of inmates. How does this affect my grandson never once having touched his father and he will be ten in July. I’ve been writing a lot of music this year and some of it you can hear on SoundCloud. The last one is called, “For The Children”. You will get through this, and so will my grandson and his father, but sometimes, in the middle of it, it seems like it will go on forever. Someday – it will be over and the next chapter begins.

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  2. I had to find what I did. I had put it at my SM. I have a separate facebook page for Jamie’s blog at JamieLifeInPrison and posted it there. It was seen by 48 people and had one share. Sometimes I boost a page for $5 and it brings another 1000 people in. If you aren’t doing that you might want to considerate. You can spend a lot more than that if you want, but I do that a few times a month. It’s building visibility faster so now my organic views are rising. Since I’m writing book and posting chapters My email list is getting better. Also I liked the new book cover Steven put on his book awhile back. I hope it’s done well. I’ve learned that it can be a long project especially when your writing blogs as well. It’s a full time job. I’d like to pick your brain a bit about that if you have time. Better through email though and not a post. You could give me your address at

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