What Marriage Means To Me


LOVE!!! True love from the heart & soul.

I love my lady with all my heart. She has sacrificed so much to be with me. She has given me the beautiful gift of love.

Love is something that is rare in prison. I should know…I went almost 20 years without love.

I’m talking about the intimate love of my woman. I’m talking about an actual lover…soft kisses, long hugs, holding hands, gazing into beautiful green eyes, and endless sweet talk.

My wife, Suzie, gives me sooo much more than that. She gives me hope for the future. She gives me comfort & joy as she offers endless support, encouragement, and inspiration. The gifts she gives me are priceless as they dramatically improve the quality of my life.

In return, I give her my very best. I don’t argue or fight with her. I listen and understand. And even if I don’t understand, I take the time to hear her out.

I’m always there for her with love & support…no matter what!

True love is kind, compassionate, and understanding. It doesn’t keep records of mistakes or short comings. It is forgiving and appreciative.

Suzie is with me because she wants to be…not because she has to be. Therefore I love my lady in a way that will make it easy for her to stay with me forever. I make her & her emotional needs my #1 priority! She is my #1 in this world.

I will forever love, honor, and cherish my wife. But a lot of men say that. Then they are divorced within 5 years. That’s because a lot of men take women for granted. They don’t appreciate them. They don’t cherish them with all their heart.

The most important thing in my life is my wife. My heart longs for her during the weeks/months that we are apart. I am constantly telling her how much I love her. But even more importantly, I SHOW her how much I love her through my actions and how I treat her. She gets nothing but love & respect from me. Period!

The following letter is just one example as to why I love and honor my wife sooo much. I absolutely love the way she loves me!


My Sweet Steven,


I am so happy to have found a husband like you, whom I can grow & learn with. I love this journey we are on and I can feel our bond growing stronger as we learn more about each other. I love loving you! And I love the unity and partnership that I feel in my heart. You, your love, and your mind inspire me on sooo many levels, baby. I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who I fall in love with every single day. Thank you for loving & supporting me through my struggles. And thank you for putting a smile on my face & in my heart when I truly needed it most. You are an exceptionally amazing man! And I love you dearly. Mwah!

Your One & Only,


Awww, how sweet! Its letters like these that add fuel to the burning love that I have for my wife. She continues to motivate & inspire me in many ways. She is the reason why I love so strongly.

After I received that letter from her, I wrote her a poem. This poem was inspired by her love and the wise words of Ernest Holmes.



I truly realize that I am one with my lady;
YOU and I are ONE.

I can’t hide from you
for we are one.

I hold you dear to my heart,
on the highest level,
as you are enthroned in my temple of flesh.

I feel your presence within my most
secret places.

I rejoice in the sound of your voice.
My body responds to the thought of your touch.

You are my perfect soulmate as you
bring wholeness to my life.

Because of you,
I am complete and perfectly content.

Discord thoughts flee from me,
as your light of love shines deep within my soul.

Your light of love is eternal,
it is the light of my life.

Every time I come into your presence,
whether its mentally or physically,
I come with love, joy, and thanksgiving.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thank you my beautiful lady for giving me
the wonderful, powerful, magnificent gift of love!

2013 (10)


And THAT, my friends…is what marriage means to me 🙂



Steven Jennings



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