H6 Nationals Lose Game #5




It’s hard for me to not take a loss personally.

But the truth is, losing gives me an opportunity to develop coping skills. It gives me the opportunity to evolve and grow. And it gives me an opportunity to apply the practical teachings & philosophies that I study.

To me, if I lose, I failed. That is how my mind thinks…therefore that is my reality. And with failure comes a sense of regret, fear, limitation, lack, etc.

Unless these false thoughts are erased, I will continue to fail! Because according to The Law of Cause and Effect, for what I persist in recognizing I persist in keeping that in my life. But if I refuse to recognize failure and all minions, then it will vanish as far as I’m concerned.

Sure, we lost the game. But I didn’t fail. I gained.

I gained an opportunity to display good sportsmanship and a positive attitude in the face of adversity. I gained an opportunity to lead by example. I was able to practice what I preach during a time when it would be super easy to lose focus and project negativity.

We lost because our outfield let three balls get past them. One guy charged the ball, only to let it get past him.

How could that happen? That is the main thing we’ve been working on since our last loss!

But you know what? It is what it is. It happened. Just like other undesirable things in life happen.

The key is what we choose to focus on.

This loss really gave me the opportunity to learn and further understand an aspect of spiritual law that has huge impacts on my daily life. And that is: The Law of Cause and Effect – for what I persist in recognizing, I persist in holding in place. That which I refuse to recognize, I neutralize, and it is no longer there to affect me in a negative manner.

Sure, we lost our softball game 13-5. But I was still able to remain positive and encourage others to stay positive. I congratulated the other team for their win. I shook hands. And I consoled a couple of our players who felt bad about their mistakes.

I focused on all the positive opportunities that existed. And for the first time ever, losing lost its sting.



Steven Jennings


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