Recognizing Self-Growth




My celly was telling me a story. He mentioned a minor detail that I KNEW to be untrue. I wanted to protest. But I didn’t. Because I knew he would dispute it.

Then what? Well I’ll tell you. I’d have to prove him wrong. To do that, I’d have to draw out the entire dispute. Which would just make it last longer. To me, that’s a negative. So I just let him tell his story as I remained a gracious listener.

I share this with you because I recognize growth. To be honest, I felt the urge to argue that point in his story. Years ago I would’ve. But now, because of meditation and my Inspiration Rocks…well, lets just say I recognize self-growth.

I’m proud of that. It makes me feel good to just be in harmony with people and the natural flow of life.

Even in prison I have a full range of emotions that cover every corner of the human spectrum. Within this spectrum, I choose to focus on all of the positive that’s going on. I seek it. I pluck it out. I make it mine.

Let me give you some examples:


1) My wife. I love her! She is the biggest positive force I have in my life.

2) My family. I love them!

3) My blog and all of my followers. I love you guys!


I see so many of these men in here who have nothing like this to focus on. Instead they focus on fighting the system, manipulating the rules, and that gangsta/outlaw life. It’s my environment. I use it to show me how NOT to act. There’s a lot of energy in here. I’m truly learning how to harness it, and to redirect it towards the good. And in doing so, I gravitate towards like-minded people.

I have sooo much GOOD in my life that it’s not even worth focusing on anything else.

That’s why I didn’t dispute the minor detail in my celly’s story. Or the dozen other situations per day that I encounter which make me want to engage in some form of negativity.

Big changes start with the smallest detail. I’m trying. I’m succeeding. And I will continue to succeed!



Steven Jennings



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