A Letter To My Wife’s Family


Who would want their daughter, sister, aunt, or any family member to get involved with a man in prison? Not me! I could only imagine. But this is the situation for Suzie’s family. She’s involved with me. We’re in love. We’re married.

Here is a letter that I wrote to her family:


Dear Suzie’s Family,


Um…Hi. I’m a little nervous, so please bare with me. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I sincerely hope you do so with an open mind.


What is love?
What does it mean to truly love someone?
What is the ultimate goal in life?


To me, these answers are quite simple. The ultimate goal is to be happy. To truly love someone means to treat them with respect and compassion at all times. Love is kind, gentle, and understanding.


I love Suzie. She is so sweet, kind, and compassionate. I recognize all her unique personal characteristics, and I absolutely love who she is as a person. I promise all of you that I will always treat Suzie with love and respect. All I want to do is bring her happiness and joy.


Suzie & I confide in each other. Our love is open and honest without the fear of ridicule or harsh judgment. We have a strong foundation of trust and honesty that has allowed our relationship to grow into something very special. I’ve never known anything like this before. But now that I’ve experienced this, I want it forever.


Forever is a long time. That means peeks and valleys are on the horizon. When dilemma’s and conflicts appear, I promise to seek peaceful solutions that won’t upset the harmony of our relationship. In doing so, these type of situations that usually breaks others down, will only strengthen us.


Suzie inspires me in so many ways. She inspires me to keep on the righteous path and to work hard towards my goals. She inspires me to dream of a life full of love, joy, and happiness. And now she has given me the opportunity to achieve all my dreams.


I promise to do the same for her. Through love, support, and understanding, I will inspire my lovely lady to be the best she can be and to reach her full potential. I will encourage her every step of the way as she works towards her goals. Suzie has dreams and desires. Together, we will fulfill them.


Suzie has a lifelong partner in me. My incarceration has enabled me to view life through a different lens. I appreciate my blessings. I cherish my friends and family. And I absolutely worship my lady. I promise to do everything within my power to make Suzie happy and to maintain this strong circle of harmony that surrounds our relationship.


Suzie is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. She inspires me to be the best thing that’s ever happened to her. She is an amazing woman who I love with all my heart. She deserves so much better than a man in prison. That’s one of the many reasons why I am so committed to giving her a very special kind of love. The kind of love she deserves, the kind of love she desires and longs for. A love that only knows peace & harmony.


Please give me and my love for Suzie a chance. Please see me for who I am, not where I am. I know you have questions. Feel free to ask anything. I’ll always respond with a honest answer.


In closing, I’d like to point out that I could’ve wrote anything on these pages. And that wouldn’t necessarily make it true. People can say anything. So please just view this letter as an outline of what to expect from me. The tangible truth will be found within my actions, and by the way I will always treat Suzie.


Steven Jennings



  1. Reblogged this on Marie Abanga's Blog and commented:
    If this doesn’t melt even the most resistant of hearts, then the person may as well be in Stone city even though out in the streets. No one has even written even half of such either to me or my family. As a matter of fact, I am putting somethings on hold until I am found by such a heart 🙂

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  2. It sounds like you really laid it out and you’re trying to change. Were it my daughter, that would make a difference to me! Did you meet before or after incarceration? If you don’t mind my curiosity…..

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  3. Thanks for sharing this letter. It reminds me of one my husband, who is also incarcerated, wrote my father. My father was dying of cancer at the time and I believe the letter meant a lot to him. It gave him some peace of mind. We can’t ever make people see things the way we want them to but that is not a reason not to try. Please congratulate Steven for his great courage. Whether your family knows it or not, you are a very fortunate woman!

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