Making Love In Prison


I fantasize everyday about the very first conjugal visit I’ll have with my beautiful wife in March 2017. Here’s a little daydream glimpse into my anticipation…


It’s the night before my very first EFV with Suzie. I can’t believe I’m about to finally be physically intimate with my wife. I’ve been waiting for this moment for over 23 years! The butterflies are going CRAZY in my stomach. I probably won’t sleep at all tonight.

So I go to my cell and do 1000 push-ups. They come easy. I’ve been doing intense work outs for the past 3 years. My body is ripped and strong…just how Suzie wants it.

She has also instructed me on how to man-scape. I have followed her instructions to a T. From head to toe, I am ready for her!

On the morning of our special visit, two guards escort me to a cozy little two-bedroom manufactured home. They inform me that my wife is in route.

I step out on the front porch to wait. That’s when I see a white van stopped at the prison gate. A few minutes later, the gate slides open, and the van rolls onto prison grounds.

From about one block away I can see my baby sitting in the van. I wave, not really sure if she sees me.

My heart skips a beat when she waves back. A huge smile coverers my face. If I was a puppy, my tail would be vigorously wagging, I’d be jumping up and down, and I’d be whining with excitement.

But I’m not a puppy! I’m a man who has been fantasizing about making love for over two decades! I’m a man who has been masturbating to pictures and magazines for over 20 years. I’m a man who’s about to spend 48 hours all alone with the woman I love!

So I just stand there, jumping up and down as I rapidly clap my hands together. Yeah, I can control myself if I so desire…but the theatrics are so much fun. And for the next 48 hours I’m just gonna let loose and do whatever the heck I want!

The van pulls up to the mobile home. My baby gets out looking finer than wine. She’s wearing a silk turquoise summer dress. Her DD cleavage is screaming for attention. And attention they shall get. Later.

I wrap my arms around her for a hug and then I kiss her soft lips. Before our embrace ends, our eyes meet and our breathing becomes in sync. This hug and kiss is different, yet the same…for we both know that today is the day that our flesh officially becomes one. Words do not even need to be spoken between us, we can sense one another’s emotions perfectly.

We unload the van together and take our groceries inside. Then the guards do a quick inventory and have us sign a form. Once it’s signed, they leave and we are alone together for our long over-due wedding night.

The second they leave, I grab my wife, pull her close, and hug her. My hands slide down her back. I gently caress her soft…

I can’t believe I am a husband now, and that I have a wonderful wife who I’ll share these special intimate moments with forever.





Steven Jennings



  1. March 2017, OMG, i can not relate to that at all. I have had one jail term in my life, selling one ten pound bag of brown to an undercover, the judge was going to give me 9 but he said he is going to show mercy and he gave me 6. I was wounded and hated every minute inside, well i had a few laughs and did a detox which was needed back then, but time went so slooow and near the end ov the sentence it seemed to drag even longer. It is hard to imagine waiting 2 years but i get it, by the way did i mention i got 6 months not years. Best wishes mate, you are doing amazing

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  2. I loved this! My husband James and I will have our very first Conjugal visit April, 2017. And I can’t wait! And it’s really a long over due wedding night! I’m excited for you guys!! When your visits come, have fun!!☺

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