The H-6 Nationals Lose!!!




We lost our 2nd softball game. The score was 17-18.

We never should’ve lost that game. We were winning 7-1 after the first inning. Then 10-2 after the second inning.

I have to admit, it was a good game. But we never should’ve lost!

Here’s what happened: Last game when we won, I played outfield. I instructed the other outfielders to, “Play deep and keep the ball in front of you.”

They did. But for some reason, our 3rd baseman (Todd) kept yelling, “Charge the ball…play aggressive!”

He thought that there was a few balls that should’ve been caught if the outfielders would’ve charged up on them. And perhaps he was right. But I specifically told my guys to error on the side of caution…and keep the ball in front of you!

Well tonight I played catcher. That aggressive 3rd baseman played outfield. He instructed the other outfielders to be aggressive!!! To charge every ball!!! To lay out and dive if need be.

That aggressiveness cost us the game. On three occasions the outfielders charged the ball. They missed all three times. The other team scored 9 runs on those errors!

That’s the exact reason why I like to play deep and let the ball come to you. Because the worst that can happen is the hitter will be safe at first…or maybe even second. But if an outfielder lets the ball get past him, it’s usually a home run and all other base runners score too!!! Like what happened tonight!!!

I let another player impose his will and incorporate his aggressive playing style. I KNEW BETTER!!!

The good news is…IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN!!! And it’s only the second game of the season. I have plenty of time to make adjustments and iron out differences in philosophies.

Our next game is Sat June 27th. I’m putting our best players in the outfield…including myself. We will all play according to my philosophy, “error on the side of caution”.

I’m also juggling up the infield a bit. Our short stop is moving to outfield. Our aggressive outfielder is moving to short stop. Our first baseman and third baseman are trading places. And one of our other outfielders is moving to catcher.

And only the guys who play the field will bat. IM NOT PUTTING IN A DESIGNATED HITTER. I put in a designated hitter and he got out EVERY TIME!!!

This loss opened my eyes. Because of it we will be a better team. I will be a better leader and a better coach. I will impose my will and do things my way!!!

No more Mr. Nice Guy!!! It’s time for beast mode!!!



Steven Jennings


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