Help Unite Us For 1 Month


My wife & I are seeking funds so we can spend 1 month together. Please check out our fundraiser


Every love story is beautiful in its own way. In some stories, the way the couple met is the unique point, for others, it is the way they overcame all odds to be together. For some, it is the special things they do for each other.


And then sometimes, once in a long while, a story comes along that has all these things and more. This is the story of Steven & Suzie – a special meeting, a love that defies all odds, and two individuals who complement each other in beautiful ways. This is their love story…


Steven & Suzie Jennings have been married about a year and a half, yet they haven’t had much one-on-one time together due to their long distance. He lives in Washington, and she lives in California. These two compassionate individuals have been patient while keeping their marriage thriving through letters and phone calls.


They seek funds so that they can spend 1 month together in person.

It would help them strengthen their connection and re-discover the joys of everyday mundane little mannerisms. Just simply being able to hold hands and look into the eyes of your spouse creates a warm comforting bond.



Their situation is definitely a unique one. They have unlocked one another’s worlds through very uncommon circumstances. He is in prison, and she lives out in society.


Steven is not at all your typical inmate. He actively learns and grows from his past mistakes. And he has a strong desire to do great things. He is all about love, compassion, and understanding. His philosophies on life, success, and love keep him strong & positive. Steven has a brilliantly free mind & a loving soul that shines brightly. He is proof that there can be positive inside such a negative environment.


Suzie was raised in a wholesome Mormon family. She is deeply rooted with morals, values, and traditions. She’s compassionate, kind, and a very loving woman.  Her life has been a fairly sheltered one, yet she found the courage to write a complete stranger; a prisoner. Remarkably, that decision saved her and filled her life with purpose. A traditional upbringing has given her the strength to adjust living such an un-traditional married lifestyle.



Everyone has a past. Everyone has struggles. Steven & Suzie both let their walls down through their inspirational blogs. ( & )


They have been connecting through their writing over the miles, but now they both want & need to have that special connection in person.


Please help send Suzie to be with her husband for 1 month. Quality one-on-one time will be so beneficial for their marriage.  They are a very deserving couple.


We can all appreciate a good love story, and we all know what it feels like to be separated from the ones we love.  It is a difficult and lonely path, but it is one that has strengthened these two individuals and has given them both a reason to hope, a reason to live, a person to love. 


Giving them this month together to see each other with their eyes and to hold hands is a priceless gift. You are invited to be part of this love story in a unique and special way.  Your help is greatly appreciated, more than you will ever know.


Thank You.


Funds will go towards 1 month of:

Motel ($1,500), Rental Car ($600), Gas ($250)


12-14-13 (2)pic

Our fundraiser is through the site: GoFundMe


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