Lockdown – Day 1




On 5-27-15, I was sitting in the chow hall enjoying some oatmeal and milk when all of a sudden sirens went off. These sirens are known as “codes”. They blare across the air every radio carried by DOC staff.

As the sirens fill the air, four guards run out of the chow hall, and the fifth guard stops all movement.

At first, no one knows what is going on. Other than something is happening in G-UNIT. It could be a medical issue. Or maybe someone is refusing to follow a directive.

After about 10 minutes, it’s clear that the Mexicans are going at it again. One after another, they are being escorted in handcuffs to the hole and to medical.

All their T-shirts are stained with mace. Some are torn, others are bloody. The bloody ones are in route to medical. But the majority are going straight to the hole.

The only two units in the chow hall is G-UNIT and H-6. After about 20 minutes, a guard yells, “H-6, go back to your unit…H-6 ONLY!”

I’m not in the unit for 5 minutes when I hear another code go off. This time they are fighting in the chow hall. Then another code goes off! Now they’re fighting in H-2!!!

The Northerns have coordinated an all-out attack on the Southerns! This same thing happened last year too.

The prison goes into immediate lock down. As I write this, I am locked in my dry cell (no toilet, no water).

All this started at 7:45am. It’s now 9:10am and I gotta piss like a race horse.

Lucky for me…I stay prepared for these events. I have a 2 liter full of water…and two empty Foldgers jars (one for peeing & one for pooping). I’ve never had to use the pooping jar. But I know guys who have. I just hope my celly isn’t one of those “oh, lets poop in a jar” type of guy.

But as for peeing…I’m about to fill that bad-boy up right now…this is ridiculous!

I’ll keep you informed, play by play as this thing unfolds. The last time there was Gang Violence we were locked down for 3 days!


– 11 AM – 

We just got room service. They gave us two frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a brownie, chips, and an orange.

I boiled water in my Brushy Creek hot pot. Then I flipped the strainer up-side-down and put it into the boiling water. That provided me a surface above the boiling water. Now I have a steamer to thaw and heat food.

Oh…BTW…I didn’t have to pee in a jar. I’m in the honor unit now (H-6). They treat us a little better in here.

Every hour we are allowed to use the bathroom and get water. All I have to do is slide a piece of paper through the door jam. This is called ”flagging”. It lets the guards know to “let me out!!!”

From 1pm-3:30pm, I took a good nap.


– 4:30 PM –

A gourmet dinner was served. One frozen bologna sandwich, frozen oatmeal cookies, and a 1oz. bag of original Sun Chips!

As I write this, Nick (my celly) and I are boiling the bologna. We have the bread thawing on a warm towel that covers the hot pot.

We have our flag out as we wait to go get more water and use the bathroom. Sometimes it takes the guards 15-30 minutes before they get to turning their keys. But that’s only because this is the Honor Unit. The last time this happened I was in H-4, and they kept us locked in for up to 6 hours!

That’s when dudes were pooping in jars and trash cans! Ewwww…..gross!


– 6 PM –
Two letters from my baby just came sliding under my door. Her letters are so comforting. I’m about to hop up on my bunk and read them.

Then I’ll watch game 5 of the NBA playoffs between Houston and Golden State.

And just so you know, the bologna sandwiches were absolutely delicious!!!


– 7 PM –
A memo from the Superintendent just came sliding under my door. It looks like this:


MAY 27, 2015
TO: All SCCC Offenders
FROM: Pat Glebe, Superintendent
SUBJECT: Facility Lockdown

This morning at approx. 0745, the facility had an event which caused us to go on “lockdown” status. While it is relatively easy to place a facility on “lockdown”, it is never as easy to come off “lockdown” status, as we need to ensure the safety of both staff and you, the offender population.

We have many staff working on getting me information that will help me make decisions as we move forward. As of 1600 today we will remain on lockdown status. I will re-evaluate the lockdown status with my management team in the morning.

As of right now:
* Dinner and breakfast meals will served in cell.
* We will work on a phone, showers, and a JPAY schedule should the lockdown continue.
* EFV, gym, yard, library, Law Library, and programs are closed until further notice.
* API event that was scheduled for 5/28 is cancelled.


Lockdown – Day 2



Steven Jennings


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