The Power Of Communication


One of the key ingredients to a happy & healthy relationship is communication. And it wasn’t until I was actually in a situation myself, that I realized I needed to practice this.

The two basic parts of communication are: talking & listening. My husband and I have learned that both of us must be active in these roles.

Effective communication takes more than just one person. And poor communication can lead to misunderstandings. This is something that I am being more mindful of.

There have been times when I’ve been scared to say what’s on my mind. I tend to bottle things up, and in a sense, suffer in silence. I feared how my husband would react, mainly because of past conversations between us.

But doing that caused me stress. Unnecessary stress that threatened anxiety & depression to surface.

My husband and I have discussed this in depth by taking turns talking & listening. And almost immediately, we found peace.

For our individual health, as well as for the health of our marriage…no matter how big or how small, if we are feeling a certain kinda way, then we need to address it. And find a remedy together.

Our marriage and our connection is continually getting stronger as we live, learn, and grow from our past experiences.

Having an open & honest communication is so important in a marriage. In the beginning, probably most couples say this at one point or another. But it isn’t until we truly need to apply this that we realize the true power of communication.

(To read my husband’s perspective, please read his blog called, The Importance of Communication.)



Suzie Jennings



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