Commit, Obey, Sacrifice…It’s Worth It!


There has always been only one spiritual teaching. How you choose to receive it is up to you. I choose Jesus. I commit my heart & soul to His fundamental teachings.

On 11-23-14 I committed to the teachings of Jesus. From that day on, His teachings have healed me. My soul and spirit has never been better. I said NEVER! And I’m in PRISON!

The blessings in my life are abundant. I’m so appreciative and humbled.

All of this has come at a cost. I had to stop Gambling & Hustling. Something I’ve been doing for years.

The results of gambling & hustling.
The results of gambling & hustling.


Look at all the things I had stocked in my cell. For being in prison, I was rich. Wanna know what I have in my cell right now? 1 bag of beans, half bag of rice, 2 pickles, 1 tuna, and a half bag of chips.

I’m leaking!

But my spiritual life is super rich. Because I have committed to the fundamental teachings of Jesus. I take into consideration EVERY moral situation.

So when my wife and I read verses from 1 Peter…I read 1 Peter 2:13-14 … and I knew I had to obey every rule known to man.


There goes hustling up 50 stamped envelopes at $0.13 a pop! I’m now paying $0.49 a piece for those bad boys!

I quite my fantasy football leagues. And I had been playing them for years. I love it! But it’s wrong. Unless I play for free.

My point is, I’ve made many sacrifices. Gambling & hustling are just two more I’ve added to the list. It’s not really easy to give up free money. But in the light of my spiritual awakening, it’s necessary.

The sacrifices have been so worth it. I’ve found that the more sacrifices I make, the more blessings I receive. AND, the fear of repercussion for misconduct is totally gone. Unless of course I pick and choose which rules and laws to break. Spiritual or man-made.

That’s why it’s so important to commit and obey with the lessons (all of them!) of my spiritual teacher.

Easier said than done, I know!

I focus on ONE DAY AT A TIME. If I can be 100% obedient for just 24 hours, then I have won the day! As the day goes by, and my focus remains the same, it gets easier.

I am learning to watch my mind. Crazy, right? Who knew there was such a thing? By doing so, I activate a higher level of consciousness. In the past, so many of my thoughts were involuntary. A situation would occur and here comes a flood of Compulsive Thoughts.  NOT GOOD!


Through the power and wisdom of the scriptures, I am learning to stop my mind, reset, and re-focus.

OMG! What a blessing!

Just a few minutes ago I was asked if I wanted to play Pinochle. That’s free money! Of course I wanted to. I’ve been playing it for years, and I’m good at the game. My impulsive thought was, “Let’s play!”

But I didn’t. Because today I am committed to the Lord. Today I will obey His teachings. I will continue to focus on one day at a time.



Steven Jennings



  1. I have a few unrelated questions. where are you incarcerated? (like state or country) and when are you out, or are you out? lol. sorry I haven’t been keeping up to date lately, I still need to look back at your blog

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