The Significant Women’s Event (Part 2)



This event was beyond awesome!!!

As the women walked into the visiting room, all the men were already in there (normally it’s the other way around). All the men stood up and clapped as our beautiful women entered the room.

As my wife approached me, we both had huge smiles on our faces. I hugged her tight and felt her soft warm body against mine.


Then I went in for a kiss. As our lips were about to touch, I pulled back and just looked at my lovely lady. Her lips were puckered up and her eyes closed. A split second later, when she realized we weren’t kissing, she opened her eyes only to find me inches from her face, looking at her.

This made us both laugh a little.

Then I went in for a smooch. She closed her eyes and puckered up. Again, I pulled back.

She opened her eyes and said, “Baby!”

I said, “Okay, come on, for real this time.”

She closed her eyes and puckered up. I couldn’t resist…I pulled back and left her hanging once again.

By now we’re both laughing pretty good. That’s when I smother her face with dozens of short, quick, kisses all over. I’m kissing her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her forehead, her lips…I’m all over her pretty little face.

She’s laughing as she moves her face side to side in a futile effort to get away. My theatrics are in over-drive as I continue to kiss her with a full complement of sound effects…”MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH…..”

Finally the madness stops, and we hug as our laughing subsides. Then I give her a soft slow sensual kiss on the lips. We smooch for a few seconds before I pull out her chair and help her sit down.

I show her the two corsages that I made for her. She decides she wants to wear the pink one. So I spend the next five minutes trying to figure out how to pin this thing on her without poking her.

We held hands and talked for a while. Then, the first of our three course meal is served.

The servers are inmates who act as professional servers. They are all wearing aprons. Some are even wearing chef hats.

We are served a salad, a pull-apart roll, cranberry juice, and water. Fifteen minutes later the main course arrives. It’s a chicken breast with a raspberry sauce, cooked asparagus, and red potatoes. This isn’t prison food! This is real quality well prepared food!

My wife realizes I rarely get to eat this good. So in addition to my meal, she feeds me several bites from her plate too. Awww, what a sweetheart. My baby is always looking out for me.

Image (3)

After the main course, dessert is served. It’s a moist chocolate brownie topped with ice cream, cool whip, and chocolate syrup. Mmmmm…that was the bomb-diggity! And of course my considerate, caring, loving, wife fed me bites from her plate too.

After lunch it was time to read the “gratitude letter” I wrote to her. So we walked to the booths that were specifically set up for this occasion. As we enjoyed an additional level of privacy, I read her the letter I wrote. It was a nice moment we shared.

Then came the time to dance. I waited for the music to start, then I stood up, extended my hand and asked, “May I have this dance?”

She said, “Yes.”

We danced through both songs.

After arriving back at our table, the event coordinator made an announcement. She said, “I need five couples to volunteer for the Newlywed Game.”

We raised our hands and got selected.

The women were escorted out of the visiting room while the men were asked four questions.

The first question: “What is your anniversary date, and her birthday?”
That one was easy…everyone got it right.

The second question: “What puts your wife in a good mood?”
I said, “Romantic love letters.”
She said, “Love letters & emails.”
The visiting room applauded our successful answer.

The third question: “What is your wife thinking right now?”
I said, “I love you.”
She said, “I love you baby.”
I heard a few “Awww’s” as the audience clapped.

The fourth question: “Who said ‘I love you’ first?”
I said, “I did.”
She said, “He did.”

All the men said, “I love you” first.
Everyone got that one right.

We answered all four questions correctly. Then it was time for the men to leave as the women answered four questions.

The first question: “What would your husband rather loose, his hair or his JP4 player?
She said, “His JP4 player.”
I said, “My hair.”
The audience laughed.
I can blog without hair! I need my JP4!

Second question: “What’s your husband’s favorite thing to do in here?”
She said, “Workout.”
I said, “Watch football.”

The third question: “When was the last time you two got in a fight?”
We both said the exact same thing, “NEVER”.
Suzie and I don’t fight. We may disagree at times, but we never fight.

The fourth question: “What’s the first thing he’s going to do when he gets out?”
She said, “Spend time with family.”
I said the exact same thing.

There were no prizes, except for the beautiful women by our sides. Everyone was laughing and having fun, and that made everyone a winner.

Suzie and I spent the next few hours loving each other and enjoying one another’s company. I am so blessed to have her as my wife. She has brought so many wonderful joys into my world.

Today was very special for the both of us. And I was able to tell her just how significant she is to me.

Suzie has brought love into my life. And she has sacrificed so much. I see her kind heart and I feel her loving soul.

The way she loves me…I’ve never felt such a love before. I wasn’t sure if I’d find a woman to love me, a man in prison with 18+ years left to serve. I am so thankful to have her by my side. She is serving this time with me as my partner and my best friend.

Every day, I recognize a certain strength in her. And I am constantly realizing just how much we have in common.

Thank you baby, for blessing my life with your incredible love, compassion, and devotion. I love you sooo much with all my heart!!!

(To read Suzie’s perspective of this event, to see an additional picture, and to read the gratitude letter I wrote…please read her blog called, A Special Day Together.)


The Significant Women’s Event (Part 1)



Steven Jennings


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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  1. I don’t get much time to read the blogs I follow, but as I was checking my “stats” lol for a recent blog I wrote, I came across this post into blog feed. This post brought tears of joy to my eyes! Not many people could express such honest, beautiful, and sincere appreciation and love for their wife or partner. I really appreciate your blog and willingness to share such a raw an honest truth of your life. You are an inspiration to never give up and I see you as honoring the worthy lives of all inmates who mostly do not get a voice (guilty or not). I think brave people like you are inspiring change and hopefully the prison system will change to a more humane and rehabilitative place in the near future. God bless you and continue to watch over you and your amazing wife! 😊

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