A Special Day Together




My husband invited me to join him at The Significant Woman’s Event.

This event is all about honoring the special woman in his life who’s provided ongoing support, sacrifice, and encouragement. The activities are designed to assist in fostering the growth & strengthening of our relationship.

I started my 14 hour drive from California to Washington at 3 am. I purposefully left this early so that I’d arrive with enough time to see Steven before visiting closed for the day.

I made it in time for us to spend one hour together. The smile on his face and the sparkle in his eyes…priceless.

After our quick visit, we hugged and kissed goodnight…a real treat for us!

Then we parted through opposite doors of that visiting room with joyful hearts knowing that we’d see each other the very next day at the event.

As I entered the next morning, all the men were clapping in honor of us ladies. My eyes scanned the large room and I quickly spotted my handsome husband.

When I reached our table, we hugged, kissed, and giggled. We were so happy.

I whispered, “I love you” as we embraced in one more hug before he pulled out my seat like a perfect gentleman for me.

He leaned in close and pinned a corsage on me, which he made himself. It’s beautiful.

Once it was pinned in place, I gently brought it close to my nose to smell its fragrance. I then softly stroked Steven’s sun-kissed cheek and said, “Thank you.”

The event was absolutely wonderful.

The room was decorated, there were flower arrangements on every table, music was playing quietly in the background, there was a fancy juice fountain in the corner, there was a professional photographer, and we even had our very own server for our 3-course meal.

Who knew a prison visiting room could be transformed into a 5-star restaurant?!

And we got to dance together too! Steven learned the Waltz just for today. And he didn’t step on my toes…not even once!

Image (2)

As I glanced around, most couples were looking down at their feet while dancing. Not us. We were floating effortlessly while looking each other in the eyes. Being able to dance together was a special gift for us.

And guess what? Yeah, he even twirled me, and then spun me back into his arms. I felt beautiful as we danced together.

Soon after, he escorted me to a booth where we sat facing one another. He then read a very sweet gratitude letter to me. Hearing the sincerity in his voice as we held hands…priceless.

He didn’t just read the words right out of his letter, but he elaborated and added a personal spontaneous touch that came right from his heart. It was a special moment between us. Here is the letter:


To My Beautiful Wife,


I love you! Thank you so much for all your sacrifices and love. I appreciate and respect you so much. Your love and devotion inspires me to be a better man. I know how hard it is to be married to a man in prison. You have an incredible strength that I don’t even think you know you have. But I see it, and I’m very grateful for it. You are an amazing woman and I am so thankful to have you as my wife & my best friend. Your beautiful love completes me. Thank you for being my special lady in this world. I love you sooo much with all my heart! Mwah.


Your Husband,


Our hearts were smiling all throughout this special day.

The waiters filled our champaign glasses with Sparkling Apple Cider, and there was a special toast to all the ladies. Steven and I interlocked our arms together as we sipped to the toast. Afterwards, we said our own little personal toast. So sweet. Gosh I love my husband!

When dessert was served…yep, we totally put our finger in the whip cream and wiped it on each other’s face. And we fed bites of food to each other too.

THEN…oh my goodness…we both raised our hands to volunteer to play The Newlywed Game. We were selected, along with 4 other couples. We went in front of the entire room (filled w/close to 200 people). We are both fairly shy when in front of an audience like that. But we held hands and were living in the moment. It was fun!

We made so many memories today. When there is this much love between two people, it doesn’t matter where we are. Being together is what we cherish. We made one another feel special, and loved.

As we kissed and hugged goodbye. We didn’t let go. I whispered in his ear, “I want us to be the last couple hugging.”

He had no problem with that.

As couples walked past us to exit, we were still hugging. As couples cleared the room, we were still hugging.

Normally, the guards would get on the loud speaker telling people to quickly finish their goodbye’s. But today, we were surprised when they didn’t. A perfect end to the perfect day!

After we finished our long sweet embrace, I held onto that comforting warmth as I hopped in my car and drove all through the wee hours of the night back to California.

I was filled with happiness & love the entire drive. And even better, I knew that he was full of happiness & love also.

Steven called me the next day to make sure I got home safely. He’s so thoughtful.

As we were speaking he asked, “Can you hear the smile on my face?”

We could both feel the love & joy harmonizing between us. Our visits bring us so much closer together.

I love my husband! And I love our relationship! He is the best man I know. He has a kind heart, a brilliant mind, a loving soul, and a wicked awesome sense of humor! I fall in love with my husband every day.

To hear Steven’s perspective of this special day and to see more pictures, you can read his blog called, The Significant Womans Event (Part 2).



Suzie Jennings



  1. Thanks for following me….this is a beautiful story, really. In fact, as I read it I could hardly believe that prisons could come so far. You write so well too. Thanks for this, a window on to a world I do not know much about, but one really that we all should think about. Take care, and good luck! Hugs to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I did a couple years in there with Steve And believe me for a mistake and a punishment like this to happen to a man as homble now deserves a second chance what’s he got 17 20 years left. This is a good story and please tell Steve that Picolet says high

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Pete. It’s nice to meet you, and I will tell Steven you said hi. I agree with you, he does deserve a second chance. 🙂 His current release date is 2032. Thanks for reading. Have a spectacular day!


  4. Hi. I don’t mind you asking that at all. Steven is in for 4 counts of 1st degree assault.

    We started as pen-pals and we got to know one another through writing. We found many things that we had in common and we connected.


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