The Science Of Mind


My husband and I have been reading this wonderful book together, “The Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes.

The simple message inside the pages is: Change your thinking, and you will change your life.

There is a simplicity, yet a dynamic thing about this book. It has introduced me to the laws of life, the Universe, positive thinking, to Truth, and that’s just to name a few.

Every time I open it, I am inspired by wisdom & knowledge. And the more I gain a sound understanding, the more I feel my mental attitude becoming more positive & productive.

“Thinking of his weakness keeps the image of it before him.” (pg. 185)

Ain’t that the truth!

For example: If I am constantly saying/thinking that I am depressed, well then, my mind is going to be stuck thinking in that negative way. I must actively say/think positively of how I want to be. Then I’ll be more likely to see that positive change in my life.

As Steven and I continue to read, we will both share our experience from this journey that we’re on together.

Please read his blog called, The Science of Mind. His views and experiences are inspiring and full of truth.

I love this journey everyone is on, called life.



Suzie Jennings



  1. Hello I saw your blog on Erika’s new friends and wanted to drop by and say Hi and I love the Science of the Mind! I’m going to check it out! In fact I’m dealing with something right now that could use some wisdom! Just wanted to say HI and howdy! ❤

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  2. Hello! It’s so nice to meet you. I highly recommendd “The Science of Mind”. It continues to inspire my husband and I every day as we read it. It’s full of a wide range of quality knowledge that touches on several aspects in life. I love that you are going to check it out, and I sincerely hope that you find it helpful with what you are dealing with right now. Blessings 🙂

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