Using My Time In Prison Productively




I’ve been in the Honor Unit for 8 weeks now. I love it! Things are going great. I’m in a clean cell and I have a good celly. I have a new job. I go around to all the units and pass out commissary (store).

One privilege the Honor Unit offers is an 8 o’ clock yard. This means at 8am, only my H6 Honor Unit is allowed out in the yard. So every morning I go out, jog & lift weights.

I have a fairly full schedule. From 10:30am to 6:00pm, I work.

Then from 6pm-9pm, I take classes.

Right now I’m taking: ROOTS TO SUCCESS  &  REDEMPTION

In addition to my busy schedule, I always make time to read and write. I also pray several times throughout the day.

Right now, my main prayer focus is to view everyone through a spirit of love.

Because for years I would judge people in a negative manner before I ever met them. I still do that. I’ll see someone and automatically not like them.

WHY? No reason. Other than because that’s how I’ve always been. And the results have always been negative ones. Such as hostility, turmoil, conflict, hate, violence, etc…

So lately I’ve been praying for the strength to constantly view ALL people through a spirit of love. To look for the good in them. To smile at them when passing by. To be polite and say kind words.

The results are instant! I feel better and people just respond differently. There’s more harmony and a feeling of peace amongst strangers.

My new job has given me the opportunity to say “please and thank you” to every inmate here at SCCC.

When they come to get their store I say, “sign here please.” After they sign I say, “thank you”.

By saying “please and thank you” thousands of times per week to all the people I used to pre-judge, well it really helps rehabilitate a once hostile spirit.

Another thing I have going on is a strong desire to re-write portions of chapter 1 from my ebook, “Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary”.

Because recently I received a comment that strongly disputed some of the things I wrote about. They basically said I was lying. And perhaps they are right. Because some of my info was relayed to me via third party. Just because things are said, that doesn’t make them true.

But the more important issue is the fact that my choice of words are causing pain and anger in certain lives. This is not okay with me. Therefore I must do something about it. And I will.

Love and understanding, that’s what life is all about.

Thank you all for your love & support…everyone inspires me in one way or another.



Steven Jennings



  1. That is so lovely to hear, of course I don’t understand what being in prison is like but I do know that we get back from life what we give out and being positive brings us more positive, I admire your strength and courage to pursue this attitude which I am sure is not easy being where you are. Much love and peace to you. Michelle

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  2. I have the same prayer Steven – to stop judging others and to see them through the eyes of love. I believe we can do it. It just takes breaking old habits. May we both persevere until the old habits fall away and are replaced with new more positive ones 🙂

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  3. A long time ago I worked in one of the most prestigious 5 star 5 diamond hotels in the US. One of the skills taught was when 10 feet away from a guest to smile and make eye contact, when 5 ft., smile, and if they weren’t engaged in conversation, greet them with hello, or other positive greeting/comment.,,, That one small lesson has changed my world, opening so many possibilities I would have otherwise missed. Steven, keep up the wonderful things you’re doing!

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  4. Great job. It is so much easier to be positive than negative. Negativity takes so much power out of you, there isn’t much left and it makes you tired physically and mentally. Too tired to do anyone any good including yourself.

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  5. You are on the right track Bro J. Change is the only permanent thing in life. To see ONLY the “goods” and “positives” in others is a great asset we must possess.

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