Call Someone A Punk


Prison has its own language. The word “punk” doesn’t seem all that bad. But call someone a “punk” in prison and you could be fighting in the blink of an eye. In prison, a punk is a prison b*tch.


Jason is serving 12 years for breaking into homes and selling cocaine. He’s 5’10” and 150 lbs. He has a sharp tongue, he’s witty, and he’s a smart ass.

One day Jason was playing handball out in the yard at Airway Heights Correction Center (AHCC). He was winning just about every game.

As he hit a kill shot, he’d yell, “BOOM! Take that motherf*cker!”

He’d jaw back and forth with the other competitors. Then, as he would win, he’d say, “Get the *f* off the court! NEXT!!!”

Well the guy who is next just so happened to be a new guy named Zac. Zac is new to AHCC, not to prison.

As the game starts. Jason takes a quick lead and starts talking sh*t, “Get the *f* off my court, amateur night is on Broadway.”

Zac responds, “Shut up and serve the ball.”

Jason says, “Tell your b*tch to shut up.”

Zac says, “Serve the ball!”

Jason serves a hard shot down the line. It’s an ace. He wins 7-0, and yells, “Get off my court, boy!”

Zac says, “You’re a disrespectful cocksucker.”

Jason says, “*F* you punk!”

That’s all it took. Zac ran up to Jason, swinging hay makers. Jason managed to avoid most of them. But then Zac landed a solid punch on Jason’s chin.

He fell to the ground where Zac proceeded to kick him. Zac was like a wild animal as he mauled Jason all over the handball court. Needless to say, Jason got his ass kicked!

A lot of sh*t talking can be tolerated between various people. But once someone drops the word “punk” or “b*tch”…it’s on!


Moral of the story: Be a nice person and have respect for others. Or at least don’t call someone a punk!



Steven Jennings





  1. Hi Steve, my neighbour came along recently and showed off his super nice letter from America. *woohooo!* (The sender, now an aleder Lady, once was a german kid after WWII which was abandoned by the parents due to lack of food. The child was adopted, and many years later the parents that had emigrated to the US, researched and found the kid. The parents came back and managed to take the child away from its german step-mom. So this child, named Lilly, left germany and returned with his genuine parents to America. 60 years later Miss Lilly did a research by herself because she wanted to see the little village again where she grew up as a german child! Lilly put a announcement into german press to find the real region and by chance the real village and houese where she once has lived.

    And she was successful. She came over to see the childhood places again. And she found the former kids of their neighbourhood, so she could connect with them. One of these kids is now an elder Lady and is MY NEIGHBOUR. So, today she received a letter from USA which was written by Lilly. This is a nice little story, isn’t it?!

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  2. On your topic:

    We germans have a real and growing “punk scene” which means this bunch of kids wearing earrings, tattoos, coloured hair and riveted clothes. It’ sin Germany a leftist thing. Once you are called and received a “punk” you are immediately seen as a leftist kid which is always keen on demonstrations, riots and police fights. We suffer from “punk scene” a lot because they go out for “demonstrations” every weekend which means in fact the destruction of a german city. Street fighting kids with no respect for the police and full of hate for the government.

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  3. Steve – and Suzie. Go to a new post I put up. You are missing a vital social media you could be using, not only for your blog but for your book sales. (I also want to talk about your publishing company) I put up a new post at and explained it here I think this would be a big benefit to you.

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