Call For Action




My wife and I made a goal to get 50,000 followers by the end of 2015. We currently have 3,390 followers. THAT’S GOOD!!! I am very pleased with that. I appreciate every one of you. Thank you. Here’s my humble request:

Will you pretty please try to get 10 of your Facebook friends to follow my blog?

Also, how can I make this blog better? Because if you’re asking people to follow, it’s my responsibility to give the absolute BEST content I can. I owe that to all of you. So please feel free to guide me. I will try my best to post a variety of topics for you guys.

You know, I was told by a dear friend that I was being TOO AMBITOUS because I told him I wanted 500,000 followers by the end of this year. He said that would mean I need to get 13,000 new followers per day.

I said, “Too ambitious! What’s that mean? It’s like too much money…no such thing!”

What if……….just what if, all 3,390 of YOU got 100 of your Facebook friends to follow my blog?

OMG!!!!! That would be AWESOME!!! Do you have any idea how much this vision EXCITES me???

Please dear friends, help make this vision a reality. I’ll cut this short so you can act NOW.


Thank you sooo much!



Steven Jennings


PS – I’d like to say Thank You to my readers for all the comments. I appreciate your patience in my replies. I’d love to reply to everyone immediately. But due to my circumstances, that would be a little beyond practical. So thank you for being patient. I will get back to you.


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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