Being Persistent Pays Off


Right now I am writing this blog from the HONOR UNIT!!!

The laws of the Universe are ones that cannot error.

Once I realized self-consciousness, I then gradually discovered one law after another. As I discovered these laws, I wasted no time setting them in motion. I am on a never-ending journey to conquer my environment through my knowledge of the Universal Laws.

I can’t believe I’m actually in the HONOR UNIT right now. Actually….yes I can believe it.

All I had to do is embody the truth and constructively use the law.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to live free from bondage. I have never been happier. My life is so good right now. And don’t forget…..I’M IN PRISON!

But the Laws of The Universe doesn’t know I’m in prison. These laws are automatic. The powers within can be used for good or bad. That choice is up to me. My thoughts, acting through Law, can and have changed my living conditions.

The FREEDOM I feel from within prison is unbelievable. Yesterday I cried tears of joy. Then I got sad. Sad because it took such a devastating blow in order for me to reach this level of serenity.

Right now I am in a cell with a 70 year old man. He is an old war vet. He shot his gun in the air to scare off a few teenagers who were trespassing on his property. The cops were called. He shot a few more rounds in the air. That poor choice cost him 13 years.

He might die in here. If you let him tell it, he will die in here.

In my 21 years of prison, I have never seen such depression. This man just lays in bed and hopes for death.

He has gone through 25 cellies in 2 years. I haven’t even had that many…and I’ve been down for 21 years. No one wants to live with him. And now I see why.

As soon as I walked in, I had to walk out. The cell stunk that bad.

I went and talked to the Sgt. to see if I could get a different cell. None were available. I had no choice but to move into this FILTHY cell.

The floor was like walking on sand. The walls were dripping with dried up gunk. Dust and grime was everywhere. And this is my new home….in the honor unit!

I immediately had to control my compulsive thoughts. Stress wanted to enter. Disappointment wanted to enter. I realized the power of NOW…and had to make a choice. Do I want to use the POWER of LAW consciously or unconsciously? Do I want the LAW to work constructively or destructively? The choice was simple.

I took a deep breath and entered the cell. The old man immediately sat up in his bunk.

I said, “Hello, my name is Steven. I’m your new celly.”

I extended my hand. His frail hand shook it. I noticed the sores all up his arm. He said in a shaky voice, “I’m Charlie.”

“Nice to meet you, sir” I said with a smile.

“There’s nothing nice about this place” he responded.

“Yeah, I hear that! Especially when you have to spend 43 years here.”

His eyes lit up. “Mercy!” he says. “How many people did you kill?”

“None!” I said. “They gave me 43 years for 4 counts of Assault. That was 21 years ago.”

I told him all this to give him some perspective. To show him he’s not the only one with reason to be depressed. To let him know that I’m carrying some weight too. Now maybe my words will have more of an impact on him.

I made up my mind that I was going to subjectify positive thoughts and set Universal Laws in motion.

For an hour straight I talked to old Charlie. I let him do most of the talking. He told me he used to live on a sailboat. I told him my dad lived on a sailboat and I showed him pictures.

I treated this man with compassion and respect. As a result, he opened up to me. I even made him smile a few times. Meanwhile, all my stuff is outside the door. But I NEED to clean before I bring it in.

So I ask old Charlie, “Do you mind if I clean the cell before I bring in all my property?”

“Sure….go ahead” he said in his old voice.

Right away I realize this is a breakthrough. Because a few guys gave me a heads up before I even entered Charlie’s cell. They said he’s old, grumpy, negative, doesn’t shower, doesn’t clean, and gets upset when his celly tries to clean.

When I realized what I was up against, I thought, “No wonder they sent me to the honor unit. They knew where I was going. It all makes sense now. They’re testing me.” (I could be wrong, but the thought did cross my mind)

For the next hour, I thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected the entire cell. Charlie just layed there and watched me. I continued to make small talk and crack jokes.

I’d ask, “Are you ok? Am I bothering you? How ya feeling?” And every time he said he was doing fine. So I kept scrubbing!

The next day I talked to the Sgt. He asked me about Charlie and how it was going. He was shocked at my answer. He said he had NEVER seen Charlie smile. I said, “Oh, yeah, well I’ve heard him laugh.”

The Sgt. called me a miracle worker, expressed much gratitude, thanked me several times and shook my hand. I walked outta his office feeling better in that moment than I could ever feel had they put me in a clean cell with a rich, easy-going youngster.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still looking to move as soon as a bunk opens up. But while I’m in here, I’ll continue to use the power of law for all things good. It feels great knowing that I can change my conditions by changing the way I think. And I can apply this to every aspect of life.

So guess what’s next? Yup…The Dog Program! I will get there. Never underestimate the power of being persistent.

Have a nice day.



Steven Jennings



  1. I am glad that you are enjoying the Honor unit and find your perspective on life refreshing. Keep up the positive outlook, it’s all perspective. We can learn to love our life regardless of our circumstances. I try to stay positive, though I am not always successful. I attempt to write positive things, but I am by far no expert though and feel like I will always be a student for life on a journey of transformation hoping to make me a better person and to face any situation with optimism. It’s not always easy. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  2. I just responded to an article in *The Grist* regarding Whole Foods is selling you fish farmed by prisoners (3-5-2015

    which didn’t bother to take into account just how hard it is for an inmate to qualify for a program (maybe your wife will send it to you from the above link)

    My response was:
    The author of this article, Anna Sophia Knauf has failed in due diligence while researching *Canon City Prison*

    1) Canon City in NOT a Federal Prison, it is a State Prison

    2) Canon City Prison is not one (1) but comprised of seven (7) prison’s in Canon City
    based along a stretch of Hwy 50 in Southern Colorado

    Four Mile

    Yes the labor is cheap at $1.50. Yes DOC (Dept. of Corrections) keeps 20% of all wages as restitution. No, in the case of tilapia, inmates do not ever get to taste the product(s) of their cheap labor.

    However what Ms. Knauf doesn’t bother tell you in her article is; these programs are not forced labor, all of the programs whether it’s raising tilapia, breaking wild horses, retraining dogs, farming vegetables, sewing toys, making furniture, working in the gift shop selling prison made items etc. are all VOLUNTARY programs with very long wait lists. Inmates must have PERFECT reclassification points; meaning no behavioral problems or other infractions, have passed their GED (which they can study for and receive while incarcerated) or have graduated high school, and in addition to an inmate’s pittance of $1.50 they earn college credits and accomplishment on completion of program.

    Do I shop at Whole Foods, a resounding HELL NO, but if Ms. Knauf is going to write an article on prison labor and the benefits/disadvantages of food sources she needs to tell the whole story and invest some time in researching her subject(s) prior to submitting an article for publication.

    QUALIFICATION: Please don’t misconstrue they information I’m providing and assume I’m a supporter of incarceration or Whole Foods; my son is doing 12 years in a Colorado State Prison based strictly on hearsay from 2 people giving false testimony in return for reduced sentences.
    Just know Steven, This is a very proud and honorable moment!
    Again, congratulations!

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  3. Big Congrats! You know, every person you meet has been put there by God for you to make an impact with. And there are no accidents. You’re there for a reason, and you will stay there until you’ve made the impact that God desires. But you’re doing God’s work, so it’s all good!

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  4. Steven, I have read three of your blogs, and your story and the change in your heart, mind, attitude, and actions concerning your family and others has truly been a blessing to my heart. Keep on, keeping on this path, and may God bless you.

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