The Bad Husband




I have a friend in here. The more I get to know him, the more I dislike him.

His business is none of mine. I’ve tried to ignore his selfish, user & abuser ways. I’ve tried to focus on his positive qualities. But every time I see this guy, all I see is a narcissistic, insensitive, cold hearted jerk!

He’s nice to me. We get along fine. He doesn’t project his evil ways towards me. Except for the time he wouldn’t give me a single bite of a huge piece of pound cake he had. I didn’t even want a bite. I just wanted to see if he’d give me one. I wasn’t surprised when he said, “No.”

However, I was surprised when I went to empty the 12th Can (see: The 12th Can). Right before I dumped it, I saw a bunch of ripped up photos in the big trash can. I looked closer. It was my buddy, his wife, and her kids. They were all smiling, holding up pumpkins that they decorated together at a family event.

I know this because I fished out every last piece of photo. I brought them to my cell and put my puzzle working skills to the test. There were total of 3 photos. I then glued them to a large greeting card. In-between the pictures I wrote:

I love you all to pieces! Thank you so much for all your love and support. I appreciate all the sacrifices you make to come visit me. The love you bring to my world is such a blessing. I will forever cherish each and every one of you.

I then went to my buddy and said, “I have some really cool greeting cards. Would you like one to send to your wife?”

He quickly said, “No thank you. Thank you though.” The thank you’s were not sincere. They’re part of his smart-allic demeanor.

I continued, “Well let me show you the one I had in mind for you.”

He was somewhat intrigued. He followed me to my cell. I thought he might try to snatch it from my hands, so I shut the door as I showed him the card through the window. I watched his eyes read the words. His facial expression went blank. Then he looked at me and said in a sarcastic tone, “Nice Steven…real nice!”

I opened the door. I handed him the card. I asked, “Are you going to send it?”

“Nope,” he said in one word as he walked away.

I followed him to his cell and said, “Why not? She’ll love it.”

He ignored me.

I continued, “She’ll love the creativeness at how the pieces are all glued back together, and how it says “I love you to pieces.””

He just shook his head.

Is the way he treats his wife any of my business? NO!

For months I’ve watched this man mentally abuse his wife over the phone. He used to let me read his out-going emails to her. He said things like, “You’re fat and ugly and I don’t know why I ever married you. You’d never get a man like me out there. I’m the best you’ll ever get.”

He would show-off these emails like they were something to be proud of. I lost respect for this dude a long time ago.

Today, he and I aren’t as close. Like I said, he is nice to me. But I have issues with aspects of his character.

One side of me wants to grill him every time I see him. He even postpones visits because he doesn’t want to miss pancakes for dinner. Unbelievable!!!

I struggle with this dude. Not literally, but within. He challenges me. I just wanna bust his chops every time I see him. And years ago I would’ve. But today I am committed to the Lord. I am committed to the Bible. I need to stay focused on my actions.

Who am I to judge? (Matt 7:1-2)


Steven Jennings



  1. Yes, your relationship with yourself represents your relationship with God. If you love and respect yourself then you are grounded. You can’t respect, love, or have peace with others until you get your relationship with yourself straight. That ONLY comes FROM understanding self. It seems you are using your time wisely. Better not to judge others, because when someone presses your buttons, it means you still have work to do on yourself. You know what you want, right, and it’s you want to be in fair, truthful, honest, caring relationships now…this person just reminds you of that because he is the epitome of how NOT to act. And as you know, everyone can change, so back to the judgment and working on self instead. Can you get Wayne Dyer books/cds? I am listening to I Can See Clearly Now and finding life’s limitations less of a burden because of it. Maybe you’d like it. 🙂

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  2. This upsets me because when you have children who love you and a wife you took vows with who support you and you turn around and give that type of treatment…. It saddens me because I can’t even imagine how broken she feels. My prayers go out to them!

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  3. A changed heart is a changed life. Just received notice you are following my blog. I appreciate that. So glad of your commitment to the Lord and the Bible. That truly is the answer to our lives, choices and situations. Your blog is so sophisticated, mine isn’t. My computer skills aren’t that great, but I have WORDS. Hopefully they are there to encourage you and others. Your journey is difficult and different from mine, but we all have stories to tell. May you be encouraged and be an encourager to others.

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