Christmas Door Decorating Contest 2014

Image (2)

My goal was to get 1st place this year. I got 3rd. Last year I got 2nd (see: Christmas Door Decorating Contest 2013).

The 2nd place winner was Mark Till (see: Mark Till). But he was sooo mad that he didn’t get a picture taken standing by his finished door. He felt the contest was rigged.

I love my 3rd place door!

The tree is 3-D made out of layered cardboard. It is strung with real popcorn, and I made the lights out of plastic spoons. The coffee table has milk and cookies on it. And I wrapped empty cardboard boxes as the 3-D presents under the tree. As you look out the window you’ll see a snowy landscape, a snowman, and Santa flying across the sky with his reindeers. But you can’t see all that because I covered my door with pictures of the people I love…my wife & family.

Even though my door placed 3rd, it’ll always be #1 in my heart 🙂

Image (4)

I just thought this door was kinda funny, so I thought I’d share it. A couple of inmates painted it, but some of the staff deemed it to be inappropriate. They said it depicted gang violence. (The red snowman is a Blood. And the blue snowman is a Crip.) So they took it down. In prison, there is a serious side to everything.



Steven Jennings


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