The Science of Mind


My wife got me a new book. It’s called, “The Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes. Wow! What a gift! I am loving it. We read sections together, and then share our perspectives. She even made me a couple of personalized bookmarks to use. A small thing such as that is both meaningful and useful. Her sweet, thoughtful, & creative nature is unlike anything I’ve ever been on the receiving end of.

This book is a MUST read for those seeking self-discovery and understanding. There is so much knowledge within these pages. As I read, it offers food for thought that enables me to find answers. And to my surprise, all the answers come from within me.

I’ve spent many nights laying awake in the dark…wondering how I ended up in prison for a huge portion of my one and only precious life. My tears absorb into dingy linen that smells of bacteria killing chemicals. These are tears I’ve always kept to myself. Until now. The sad reality is, I put myself in prison.

Chapter 18 is called: The Law of Attraction. It says in part:

“Thought can attract to us that which we first mentally embody, that which had become a part of our mental makeup, a part of our inner understanding. Every person is surrounded by a thought atmosphere. This mental atmosphere is the direct result of his conscious and unconscious thought, which, in its turn, becomes the direct reason for, and cause of, that which comes into his life.”

My earliest memories are full of conflict, fighting, and violence. By age six, these things were already mentally embodied within me. I had no choice. I was born into it. So guess what type of thoughts were attracted to me? I wasn’t attracted to those thoughts…they were attracted to me. And as a child, I had no way to combat it. My thoughts were polluted by my inner understanding of conflict.

“…that which has become a part of our mental make-up, a part of our inner understanding.”

As I grew & developed, fighting and violence became a part of my mental make-up. It was a part of my mental understanding. It made up the actual “thought atmosphere” that surrounded me. This atmosphere was the direct result of all my thoughts. Which is the direct reason for, and cause of, the events that came into my life. The worst being 43 years in prison!

Today, while in prison, I seek help. But due to my lengthy time structure, I am denied. So I have taken it upon myself to read potent and influential books that lays out the blueprint for the remaking of my mind.

Perhaps the denial of self-help courses is as it should be. For if they were granted to me as requested, I might not be on this exact path. Perhaps those courses would’ve limited me from finding such influential masterpieces, such as “The Power of Now” and “The Science of Mind”.

We can bring into our life anything we desire, if we think correctly and become a living embodiment of our positive thoughts. I know this because I’m actively doing it. Harmony, happiness, prosperity, peace, good morals, are the things I think about and desire. I have willed these positive attributes into my life.

Today I am an adult. Unlike when I was a child, I now have the ability to choose for myself. First and foremost, I seek understanding, knowledge, and truth.

The lessons of my past validate the basic laws of the Universe. As I gain understanding, I realize I can do anything I set my mind to. The things I am learning resonate so strongly with me. I recognize the principals of these Universal laws. And through them, I have been getting in touch with my innermost Being.

I love this journey I’m on.

As my wife and I continue to read this book together, we’ll share our views and our experiences. Please read Suzie’s blog called, The Science of Mind, and follow along on our journey through life.



Steven Jennings


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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  1. Dear Steven, I hope you can get more info if you want it. My blogs are about Law of Attraction and positive affirmations, but I highly recommend that you read any Abraham-Hicks books. Ask and It is Given, Getting Into the Vortex, etc…Since you understand that you took on the thoughts of those around you, and even now are surrounded by people that can influence you to be negative, but you are choosing to be positive, I hope you can find some appreciation in what freedom you do have–it is all in your mind. Like Victor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”. Find your secure, grounded, and centered foundation and be peaceful there, and you will feel successful every day. Keep writing and finding creativity, you are helping yourself and others when you be your authentic self and express that. Forgive yourself and all the others that have wronged you and those you have wronged, and you are free. Much love!

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  2. Your wife did, indeed, give you a priceless gift! And might I make a suggestion? See if she can get you a copy of As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. It was written about a century ago, but it is still pertinent to today. It will blow you away! Keep on keeping on! 🙂

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  3. I too love the journey you are on. Every post I read fills me with a kind of wonder and joy at the wonderful and mysterious workings of the Universe. That you could come from such darkness into the light is a story for everyone. What a challenge, and a blessing you’ve been given.

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  4. Please be careful, Steven. Science of Mind is the basis for Religious Science, an early 20th century movement (still around) that mixes Christianity with eastern philosophy, particularly the idea of pantheism–the belief that everything is God.

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