I support all good causes and anything positive. I am inspired and motivated to make a difference. I am committed to positive change in my life. And I have a strong desire to help those I can.

Stafford Creek Corrections Center (SCCC) has a large emphasis on programs that give back to the community while teaching inmates a variety of skills they can carry with them upon release.

If you have been following all my blogs, you’ll notice how much positivity there is in prison. Yes, I talk about the negative stuff too. But my point is: Life is full of everything. It’s what we choose to focus on that matters. That is what will define a person.

Below is a list of class’s and programs offered here at SCCC (pictures included).


REDEMPTION CLASS – Redemption is a 20 week self-awareness class designed for those who are committed to positive change. I have taken this class in the past, and I am currently participating in it right now. Love it!

ROOTS OF SUCCESS – I have submitted my application for this program.

H6 HONOR UNIT– This unit is a violence free, positive living environment. The men in this unit commit to living a violence free and crime free lifestyle. In order to live in this unit you must: be 3 years infraction free; get a referral from you counselor, and be involved in positive programs. If accepted, men must be willing to sign a commitment form promising to abide by the H6 Unit rules and expectations. I have already submitted an application for the H6 Honor Unit (see blog: Talk The Talk…Walk The Walk).

THE SUSTAINABILITY IN PRISON PROJECT – Learn green and live green. This awesome program brings science and nature into prisons. It helps reduce the environmental, economic, and human costs of prisons by inspiring sustainable and compassionate practices. The Sustainability In Prison Project also helps incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives through education and opportunities to contribute.

INSIDE OUT GROUP – The Inside Out Group is a diverse group of men here at SCCC who want to help the community. They do so by volunteering their time and energy. They conduct fundraisers within the prison. They donate thousands of dollars to a variety of organizations, projects, and programs that are dedicated to serving the community. Here are the projects within SCCC that the Inside Out Group sponsors:

Toy Time
Freedom Tail
Veterans Project
The SCCC Outreach Group
Stafford Creek Bike Program

I have submitted an application to become an active member of the Inside Out Group.


Boy oh boy, I sure do want to get accepted into these programs! In the past, every time I seeked help, I was told, “No, you have too much time.” I finally took matters into my own hands. (see blog: Rehabilitation, It’s My Choice)

As I write this newsletter, I’m getting my info from a handbook. I completely agree with the mission statements and core values. I strive to live by a strict code of ethics. I am committed to positive change and positive living. My actions and relations with staff validate my words. Yet, I’m constantly being denied for a lot of the programs I apply for.

Yes, it gets very frustrating. Especially when I see “players of the system” get accepted. To a degree, I understand. My past is so hardcore that it’s hard for them to see me in a new light. So I will continue to do the right thing with a sincere heart. I will be patient.

I will continue to focus on the positive. I will seek my spiritual guidance through the teachings of the Bible. And I will participate in as many positive programs as I can.



Steven Jennings


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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