How To Blog From Prison


trial bay gaol


Do you know anyone in the joint? If so, now is the time to give them a potentially life changing gift. Give them the gift of blogging!

As you know, I am an inmate. Blogging has helped change my life. It has created a community of support around my writing. This community helps inspire me to be the best I can be. I feel a sense of connection and fellowship. Blogging could be a valuable tool used to rehabilitate the inmates who truly want it.

For this purpose, my wife and I have created Stone City Blog to help give inmates a voice. Please tell your incarcerated loved one about this opportunity. It just might change their life for the better.



Steven Jennings



  1. Not every inmate has a signifcant other like your wife who will dedicate theirselves to maintaining, updating and posting a blog. You are a lucky man. I do agree it could give other inmates a way to the world and maybe give them a start for a life lived in harmony with others when they are released.

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  2. Your absolutely right, I am a lucky man. My wife has a heart of gold and I am so blessed to have her. She is so generous with her time and resources as she helps dozens and dozens of inmates reach out through the blogosphere. I love and appreciate her so much. Thank you for your kind words.


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