Smoking Spice In Prison

What is spice? To be honest, I’m not exactly sure. All I know is people are smoking it & it makes them do CrAzY things.

I saw on the news that some teenager took a bong hit of spice while driving. Within seconds he crashed into a convenient store.

Some dude in here got high on spice. He then got naked and started to run around the dayroom.

This stuff is all over the prison. It’s easily smuggled in because the drug dog isn’t trained to detect it. Visitors are bringing it in ounces at a time. Unlike weed, they can simply put a bag of spice down their underwear or in their shoe.

The inmates love it because it doesn’t show up in Drug Tests. Until recently. Now that prison officials know about it, they test for it.

But that won’t stop the use of spice. From what I hear, it’s a cool high. But there’s a fine line between smoking too much, and smoking the perfect amount for an enjoyable high.

Most guys smoke it like weed. They take a big ol hit! That’s too much. It caused them to flip out, like the guy that got naked and ran around. I’ve heard of other guys getting temporarily paralyzed by it.

I say all this to raise awareness. Educate yourself on this new powerful drug (National Institute On Drug Abuse).

Make sure your kids aren’t messing with it. Show them the crazy youtube vids of people on spice. Make them so afraid of this drug, that they never wanna try it.

Knowledge is power.
Use this power to make a difference.



Steven Jennings



  1. I thank you for this blog. My husband has a teenage daughter, who luckily, hasn’t been introduced to drugs, as far as we know. I like to keep informed about what is the latest drug and what effects it can have. It is a real worry as kids just have no idea what they are putting in their bodies and what adverse effects it can have on them.


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