I Will Blog For Phone Time


This is my creative attempt to try and get some phone time.

I am willing to write for anyone who wants new & fresh content for their blog.

Simply instruct me on what type of content you want, and I will do my absolute best to exceed your expectations.

If you are interested, send me the following details via email (stevendjennings@yahoo.com):

*Your name
*Link to your blog
*Subject/Topic of the blog you’d like me to write
*When you’d like the blog completed by
*Any other personal notes for me while writing the blog

Then, if you’re satisfied with my work, please dial this number (866-669-9975) and slap a few bucks on my phone account. You decide how much.

This is an automated phone number and you will be prompted through the steps. It’ll ask you for my DOC #727504.

Or, if it’s more convenient, you may send a few bucks to our PayPal account (ss.jennings@yahoo.com).

Thank you.

Steven Jennings


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