Proverbs Chapter 10



This chapter is full of verses that I can personally identify with. Please allow me to offer a scripture, then I’ll give a brief testimony of truth as it pertains to real life situations.


“Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.” Proverbs 10:4

For years I was lazy. I had no desire. No passion. No drive. As a result, I’ve never had any real wealth. This blog, my ebook, the reading of the Bible and other spiritual books, are all being done by diligent hands. I’m excited for the future.


“Blessings crown the head of the righteous, but violence overwhelms the mouth of the wicked.” Proverbs 10:6

There’s no question that I used to be wicked. As a result, violence overwhelmed me. It cost me a huge portion of my life. Forty-three years in prison to be exact.

But now, I have a strong desire to live a righteous life. To conduct myself in accordance to the Bible. As a result, I have experienced many many wonderful blessings. Such as: peace of mind, love, harmonious fellowship with many people, my relationship with others are much more meaningful and up-lifting, I feel excitement & joy, I feel so much love & respect for my wife and family. Since committing to the Lord, and the word of God, my life has been happier. I truly am blessed!


“The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9

A perfect example of this is when I had that cell phone. Anytime I had to walk around with it on me, I was scared to death. I was not walking securely, that’s for sure. My path was crooked. By breaking the rules, I displayed a lack of integrity. EVERYDAY! FOR SIX MONTHS STRAIGHT!! Then guess what happened? Yep, the authorities found out I had a cell phone. BOOK ‘EM! Seven months in the hole.


“A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct, but a man of understanding delights in wisdom.” Proverbs 10:23

Just read my ebook, “Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary” and you’ll discover a fool taking pleasure in evil conduct. That fool was ME! All the while I knew I was doing wrong. Deep down I knew I had to change my ways. What caused me to change my ways and take a different path? I’d say UNDERSTANDING. Today I delight in wisdom.


“What the wicked dreads will overtake him; what the righteous desire will be granted.” Proverbs 10:24

I hate the hole. 24-7 lockdown scares me. In the past, my wicked ways would send me to that dreaded place. AKA: THE HOLE. Today I desire love, peace, harmony, fellowship, success, and most of all, happiness. Thank you Jesus!


“When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.” Proverbs 10:25

My oh my how true this is! Right away I can recall four times prison officials conducted a sweep. The first time was after the 2004 Riot in CO. I was swept away to the hole.

The second time was in 2008. I was in MN. They swept the facility looking for cell phones. Then they swept me off to the hole.

The third time was in 2009. I was in AZ. They swept the unit looking for cell phones. Again…off I went!

The fourth time took place right here at SCCC in WA. They found a bunch of bloody T-shirts in the trash. They swept through the unit looking for clues. The end result: I was swept off to the hole once again.


I find so much truth and wisdom in these scriptures. I absolutely love it! For the next 24 hours, I will live according to the word of God. That’s all I can do. One day at a time.



Steven Jennings



  1. This leaves me with many things to say. One thing Buddhism doesn’t say that Christianity says is that it is the way to become happy and change our lives for the better. Christians say if you don’t believe in God etc etc etc then you’ll go to hell!! He is the only way to salvation! (Choke, cough as I clear my throat. I had a lot of trouble swallowing that) I’m glad you found something that has helped you make sense of your life. Give you a clear perspective. If you had found found the Gosho (NichirenDaishonin’s writings) you would be saying much the same thing, except for thanking Jesus because really he had little to do with your awareness . Buddhism does not discount that this man lived. They consider him a great sage. During the years he disappeared, Buddhists writings has him in India learning from their Buddhist scholars. Buddhism doesn’t ever say, “if you don’t believe in the Buddha you will go to the land of incessant suffering as Christians do. The philosophy you practice should enable you to become happy and help you answer answer the questions of birth, sickness, aging and death. It’s not about idolizing a human who died 2000 years ago. He’s definitely dead. You have no relationship with him. He doesn’t love you. That’s ludicrous. But what you do have are the teachings. If those teachings have helped you become a better person then that is the benefit of the suffering you’ve gone through. That means you’ve learned the lesson your life was trying to teach you. Once learned you won’t ever have to repeat it again and it caused you to be happy even in the state of hell. Hell isn’t somewhere you go when you did. It’s a life condition you live during this lifetime. Religion should never be about having “blind faith”. We Begin to have faith only through benefits we see. Don’t ever parrot platitudes you here that all Christian use. Use these teachings that have given you clarity and let that be your testimony. At the moment you are in the throes of a love affair with God, but there is much more meaning to those teachings than you know. Christianity tells you what to do Buddhism tells you why. For example: the golden rule. Do unto others etc. , but why? Broaden that for me. What does it really mean and why is that so important to understand? How does it relate to other aspects of your life?

    You have done such a great job with understanding these principles of life. Don’t thank Jesus. Thank yourself! I’m sure ill have a lot of Christians come down on me for this posts! Lol

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  2. I thank Jesus for His teachings. I agree, I’m the one doing all the work. But just because I question whether or not God is real,
    that won’t stop me from expressing gratitude and thankfulness in the name of Jesus. Whether or not He hears me is beside the point. What really matters is the spirit in which it comes from and all the associating sentiments. It’s good for my heart mind and soul to give thanks to Jesus for his wonderful teachings. I don’t expect to hear a voice from the sky say, “your welcome my son”. For if I did, that would surly make me a believer in a way that I am not today. As for the golden rule, first you must understand all the aspects of cause and effect. Once you do that, you’ll truly understand why the golden rule is the most important rule of all. Trust me…I get it! And I owe it all to the teachings of Jesus. Thank you Jesus!

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  3. WhatI see in you is someone who actually practices the teachings. A large percentage of “Christians” say they are but their actions say otherwise. There is so much hate done in God’s name. So many of the same teachings are in different faiths, that teach you how to be a good human. There are guidances and encouragements. If people applied them instead of hating people that are different we would see such a change in the world. I doubt that will happen because so often religion is used for control and people often say “God told me … ”

    I have a face book page for Jamie’s blog and other related articles. You can find it on his blog. A man wrote a comment one day that stayed on the front page for quite awhile. He was my brother in law. He wrote, “God came into my heart and told me to help this young man” He wrote to Jamie quite a godly letter and said he wanted to help get an an attorney to help him and he to start his missionary service in the prisons and wanted to see him. He told Jamie he wanted a detailed letter of exactly what happened the night he was arrested and what happened in the jail. He himself had gone to jail for eleven days a few months earlier for getting drunk and pulling his gun out and threatened his wife and a friend. Of course he had a good attorney so nothing happened since he was a fine upstanding man in the community. My sister bought a gun to protect herself from because he was a drunk. But he got “saved” in jailed and being a verbose preacher was a great way to get attention. Jamie did answer his letter and waited and waited. He finally said “What happened? He made a joke out of me” I got angry. He hurt someone I cared about. He removed himself from the facebook page “Thank God” and spent the next several months ranting about me to the rest of my Christian family that I was toxic. I am now black balled from any family activities because they are good Christian people and I am not. Jamie recently wrote back to him and said, “We have names for people like you in here – plastic Christians.” Unfortunately Steven, there are a lot of Christians like that. The world needs more people like you.

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