Christmas Long Distance


Distance can be a challenge in our marriage. Especially during the holidays. Which is why Steven & I find ways to bring us closer together. No matter how big or small the action is, it’s that special feeling of togetherness that keeps us connected.

Steven is participating in a Christmas Door Decorating Contest. This is a project where we can share our creativeness. We did this last year and won 2nd place! This year we are shooting for 1st place! (read his blog: –Door Decorating Contest–).

We’ve been brainstorming. I sent him several sketches and told him of some fun ideas that’ll add uniqueness & imagination. It’s fun to get updates from him along the way on how things are coming. And after the contest, he’ll get a picture taken standing by the completed masterpiece. I can’t wait to see it!

Silly as it may sound, I look forward to things like this with my husband. It’s fun! With all the miles that separate us, we grab ahold of any opportunity we can to do things together. And if we can’t see any obvious opportunities, we then create something that’s personalized just for us.



Suzie Jennings


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

3 thoughts

  1. Little things that bring us together are important, good for you for finding ways to connect over the miles. We do this too. We pray at the same time every night so that we are praying “together”, watch the same TV show once a week, read books together, share Bible verses back and forth, I teach him songs so we can sing them together at visit, etc. I like the Door Decorating Contest, that sounds like fun! Unfortunately they don’t do anything like that at Sean’s facility. I wish they did!

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  2. Hi. Yes, sooo important to find ways to connect. I like that you guys pray at the same time, that’s a cool idea. Steven and I have “Date Nights” where we watch a movie or a show together, and we sometimes plan to eat the same snack during it. Silly, but we enjoy it. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment. I hope you are having a great day. All the best to you two!


  3. That is wonderful. My husband and I do the same thing at home. Little rituals that we make dates out of. Going to the grocery store is a date. Dinner in front of the computer watching a move is a date. We don’t own a tv. We appreciate all the little things and they are all precious memories. The man I am writing my blog for is also in prison. . It is a lifetime commitment you make to someone in prison but mine is more like being a mother to him. Marriages are meant to be lifetime but it often doesn’t work out that way. I enjoy the way Steven is always so happy and positive about life.

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