The Hole

The mind must be attended to. The choices are simple, you can intelligently cultivate your mind. Or you can neglect it and allow it to run wild. Your overall circumstances in life will clearly show whether you cultivate or neglect.

Through my own actions it has been proven to me, with great accuracy, that my thought process is solely responsible for the shaping of my character, circumstances, and destiny. Thought and character are one. My thoughts actually discovered my character through my environment and circumstances. It’s all relevant. My outer appearance reflected my inner state.

My point is, everyone is where they are because of the thoughts they keep.

Let’s journey back to when I started my 7 month sanction in segregation (the hole) for getting caught with a cell phone. My thought process is responsible for this.



My 1st journal entry:

On 11-26-08 @ 3:15 pm I got caught with my beloved cell phone. I’m not nearly as sad as I should be. I mean after all, I went from the pent house to the shit house in the blink of an eye. Oh well, we live and learn. I just keep thinking about what I should’ve done. I should’ve went with my gut feeling and sold that damn thing. Someone offered me $1,000 for it. I knew my run was coming to an end! I should’ve sold it!

Yesterday I wrote 14 letters to all my girlfriends I met online. I guess now I’ll see who’s serious about keeping in touch now that I lost my cell phone.

It’s come to my attention that I’ve only taken one shower since 11-22-08. And I still smell good. Bird baths and Speed Sticks baby!

Time is going by fast in here. I’m reading 3 books. One is about football, the other is about zoology, and the 3rd is about the history of Black America. 24/7 lockdown! Nothing but books, paper, and two pencils that get dull super-fast.

I can see out my window. Some holes sandblast the windows so inmates can’t see out. Some holes don’t even have windows.

Right now it’s snowing. My cell is freezing! Since I’ve been in the hole, my feet, nose, and ears stay cold. That’s why I refuse my showers. It’s too cold! The water pressure is weak. The water is lukewarm, and the air is burrrr! But other than that, this is a lovely place.

Quote of the day, “Just tell the truth. It’ll save you every time.”



  1. my husband was sentaced to 7 yrs solitary for an escape . His co defendent in the escape got 4 yrs solitary .Big surprize almost 12 yrs later my husband remains in solitary struggling everyday to keep his sanity and breaks my heart asking me if he seems “buggy”

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