My Thoughts Create My Character

I am literally what I think. My character is the complete sum of all my thoughts.

For years I thought I was a bad ass. I thought fighting was a way to impress people. These thoughts were severely flawed. Therefore, my character severely flawed.

All of my violent actions were a direct result of my thoughts. The body follows the mind. So many times I would have a “spontaneous” reaction and respond to a situation. But really, my actions were not spontaneous at all. My actions revealed the constant thoughts in my mind.

Action is the result of thought.

When I was 13 I had a two hour surgery on my left knee. Within a few minutes of waking up from heavy anesthesia, I was cussing at doctors, nurses, and my family. For no reason!

Those were the type of thoughts I kept. They could’ve been asking me if I wanted cake, ice cream, or a brand new bike. I was too drugged to comprehend. But still, my subconscious mind revealed itself.

Now that I’m 41 years old, and have been in prison for 20 years, I realize that “act is the blossom of thought.” Joy and suffering are the results of thought. My thoughts are what makes me. For years my thoughts were vindictive and violent. And for that I have suffered. Greatly!

But now, my thoughts are of love and harmony. My thoughts are positive and productive. I’m focused on my future and success. And because my mind thinks in this manner, my life has so much joy in it.

It is true that man is made or destroyed by himself. For years my mind created the weapons I used to destroy myself. I ended up in prison with a 43 year sentence. OUCH!

In the early years of my incarceration I continued to harbor negative thoughts. My character and livelihood continued to suffer.

Today my mind fashions the tools that I use to build myself up. Today I enjoy peace, love, and true strength on a level I’ve never experienced in the past. By making the right choices and controlling my thoughts in a positive manner, I realize I can ascend to great heights.

Never again will I abuse my mind with the wrong application of thought. Never again will I descend below acceptable behavior.

Between the two extreme spectrums of the mind (good & evil) are all the grades of character. I am their maker. I am their master. Regardless of my situation or circumstances, the choice of thought is always mine. Yes. I am in prison. It sucks! But I don’t focus on that. I choose to focus on the beautiful truths pertaining to thought. And that is:

*I am the master of my thoughts. If I can’t change something, I can always change the way I think about it.
*I am the molder of my character.
*I am the maker of my conditions and environment.
*I control my destiny. My oh my, what a comforting thought.

I honestly feel in my heart that I am a being of Power, Intelligence, and Love. I am the master of my thoughts and I hold the key to every situation. I have the knowledge that I can transform myself into whatever I want. Back in my weaker and most abandoned state of mind, I still had the ability to reflect on my horrid conditions. Conditions I imposed upon myself.

Moral: I challenge all of you to control your mind. To be the powerful master of your thoughts. If I can do it in here…you can do it out there.

Peace & Love,
Steven Jennings

Love & family is the most cherished gift that life has to offer.


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  1. “Act is the blossom of thought.”

    That is a great way to put it. My Thought’s can blossom into something beautiful, that will become fruit, whose seeds may become something else beautiful, and on so on. Or, if the thought is bad, it may blossom as the flower of a weed, and spread seeds that grow and choke the beautiful things trying to grow in the world around me. Beautiful thoughts blossom into beautiful acts, and make a beautiful world.

    Truly, that such beautiful, thought-provoking words have come out of a prison, has changed the way I think about things. I plan to share my discovery of your blog with my friends. Cheers!

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  2. This is so true. To add to that, is the fact that others cannot control your thoughts. Believe me I tried to do that with my son for years until I realized only he could do that. Now he has his destiny and I am not responsible for it, nor can I control it.

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  3. Thank you. I got there through many tears and heartache. Trial and error. Meditation. The desire to change. The love & support of my family. So much has contributed to the transformation of my mind. To sum it up: I have the desire to change.



  4. All you can do is lead by example and teach right from wrong. Do you feel he is headed down the wrong path? I’m here to help if you want. Perhaps I can write him and maybe say something that would have some type of positive impact. Let me know. Best wishes.



  5. Suffering seems to be the most efficient path to enlightenment. Your revelations are more valuable than how your time on Earth is spent. I admire your consciousness.

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  6. Thank you. Im learning how to “watch my mind”. This learning process has opened up a whole new demension of consciousness. Have you read “The Power of Now”? I’m learning so much from this book.


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