1st Letter To Him


Both visiting and mail call are the highlights of my days while in prison. So when the guard yelled, “mail call” I hurried up and got in line. I reached the front and was handed a single envelope.

Sweet! I got mail! But I had no idea just how sweet this letter would be. The emotions inside me started to flood as I read this woman’s handwritten words. And a wonderful feeling of happiness overwhelmed me.

Here is the very first letter I got from Suzie…



02 (3)









Hey There Steven,


Well, you’re probably wondering who I am, right? And probably questioning that piece of a picture…read on and I’ll explain.


I stumbled upon your online profile completely by accident. It intrigued me and captured my attention. So here I am writing you. So…prison sex, huh? I admire your straight-forwardness. Are you for real? What exactly is it that you’re looking for in a woman?


Alright. I guess I should tell you about myself: white; green eyes; 5’5”; 27 yrs old; no tattoo’s; don’t smoke or do drugs; no kids; single; never been married; youngest of 5 siblings; family person; I love my nieces and nephew like crazy; high school graduate; freakishly organized; novice writer working on a screenplay; I love nature; I like a variety of music; I’m one of those girls who freaks out when I see a big ugly spider; I love thunder storms; I enjoy road trips; I was raised in a Mormon family; I love animals; I have a whacky sense of humor; the sight of blood makes me nauseous; I enjoy playing games; I’m shy at first; down to earth, honest, trustworthy, energetic, thoughtful, a romantic, a dreamer. I’m so huggable, lovable, unbelievable…yeah, those are the lyrics to a country song – and that’s my cue to stop talking about myself.


You’re probably, no doubt, waiting for me to say something sexual, intimate, seductive, and naughty. What kind of girl would I be if I gave it up in my first letter?


My name is Suzie by the way, how terribly rude of me not to introduce myself.


So, tell me about yourself. Whats a typical day like in there? All I know about prisons is what I’ve seen on TV and in the movies. I’ve toured Alcatraz a couple times. I found it erie, but also thrilling in a way, and also so full of stories.


Tell me Steven, are you ticklish? If you say no, I’m positively confident that I can find just that right spot (wink, wink). I’m giggling right now just thinking of you finding mine.


Oh yeah, the picture. Just my way of holding your attention and curiosity. Write me back and I’ll send you another piece of me. We’ve got time. So lets make this interesting shall we?


So…hear me out on this: “what if”. What if we hit it off? What if we don’t? What if you’re laughing at me right now? But…what if I’m making you smile? What if this letter gets lost in the mail? What if I had stayed home that night? What if I turned right instead of left? What if?

Let’s keep it real…if you’re interested you’re interested, if not then you’re not. Just know that you’ve been on my mind.


“I’m just a girl standing infront of a boy asking him to love her.” Too much? Yeah, I agree. I’ll just conclude with a simple: Hope to hear back from ya.


Your Mysterious New Pen-Pal Friend,



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