1st Letter To Her


Right away, I knew deep down that this was a very special woman who had just written me. She had me highly intrigued, and I thought her strategy of sending me her picture in increments was brilliant! No other woman had ever captured my attention like this before. I found Suzie to be extremely mysterious, and I liked it!

I couldn’t believe how much we had in common. A part of me felt like I was being “catfished!” This was all just too good to be true. There’s just no way! Or is there?

Here is my very first letter to Suzie…




Hi Suzie,


You are absolutely amazing. AMAZING I say!


Would you believe your letter gave me chills and an accelerated heart beat? I swear to God my eyes had the urge to tear up. I receive a lot of mail, and never have I ever been touched by a letter the way your letter just touched me.


You’re probably wondering “why?” The best way to answer that would be for me to tell you about me: white; brown eyes; 5’9”; 39 years old; no tattoos; I don’t smoke or do drugs; no kids; single; never been married; I’m the oldest of 4 siblings; I’m an uncle and I love my nieces and nephew like crazy; I’m a family person; high school graduate; I am freakishly organized; I’m a novice writer; I love nature, animals, and the outdoors; I enjoy a wide variety of music; I love thunder storms and hard rain; I have a whacky sense of humor…for sure!; the sight of blood makes me nauseous; I hate scary movies; I love playing games; I’m all about peace, love, and harmony; I’m shy at first; I’m down to earth, very honest, trustworthy, energetic, and I’m a HUGE dreamer!

We have so much in common that I can’t help but to be a little skeptical. However, I won’t question it too much. For I know the truth can withstand the test of time.


I also already know that I like you very much. Your personality and loving spirit is infectious. I feel so blessed that such a wonderful person has reached out to me.


And I love the 4 increments of your picture. Very creative!


Are you hip to JPay.com? Check it out and send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.


I’m going to wrap this up for now. But don’t trip! You’ll be getting another letter from me tomorrow. I’ll respond to every question you asked, and also ask a lot of my own as well. This will be fun. I’m excited! Here’s a picture for you.




2012 (2)



  1. amazing. I don’t have a girlfriend but reading this makes me how deep could a feeling be. Loved it. Thank you for stoping by on my blog. It wouldn’t have been possible to read this if you haven’t had stopped by. Super glad. cheers !!

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  2. I feel ya bro. For years I went with out this deep feeling of love. Now that I have it I will forever cherish it. I love my lady with all my heart. And I do all I can to make sure she “feels” that. Seek an ye shall find. Go find yourself a good woman to love. It’s the best feeling ever.

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