I love flowers. I grew up in a home where the yard was always full of beautiful flowers, and the house was filled with luscious green plants. I mentioned to Steven how I miss the tradition of how men surprise their ladies with bouquets of fresh flowers. And I even suggested that maybe he could draw me a flower, since we know he can’t exactly have them sent to my door from the nearest Flower Shop.

Ever since I made that suggestion, my amazingly thoughtful husband has been drawing me the most beautiful flowers. Steven is a man who goes above and beyond. He didn’t just send one single flower, but he’s been making & sending me several.

He is so creative. And so understanding to my feelings. I sure do love this man!

There is a lot to be said for any romantic gesture. I see the effort that he is putting forth to put a smile on my face, little does he know that it also puts a smile in my heart.

These flowers are special because they will never ever wilt or die. They will live forever. Just like our love. I will treasure each and every one he sends me.

Thanks baby. I love you.



Suzie Jennings



  1. You said he has been in for 20 years so far and he mentioned he had a 45 year sentence. Unless he gets out early….well I’m sure you have thought about that. Have you talked about having children? The sad thing, if the prison objective really was to rehabilitate the inmates there is obviously no reason to try to destroy the rest of his life. Like Jamie, who was pressured and scared into taking a plea, he would be happy if he could just give his 8 year old son a hug for the very first time. He has 8 years to go.

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  2. My heart goes out to you. The only legacy we have to leave behind is the effect we have on other people. It’s obvious the effect you’ve had on him. It’s a challenge loving someone you can so seldom touch. How did you meet? if it’s all in a post. Direct me to it. I have a section of links to other blogs from people writing from prison. I will put both of yours there.

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  3. Yes, that is a big challenge in our relationship. Steven and I love one another with our whole heart. He & I inspire each other everyday. The story of how we met is a unique one…I was actually online looking to write thank you cards to the troops overseas, and a bunch of pen pal sites came up. I then saw “Prison Pen Pals” and was so intrigued and curious that I clicked! I found Stevens profile on I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about how we met. You’ve inspired me to finally do that. Thank you.

    Steven has written a couple posts on how we met:

    –How I Found Love From Within Prison–
    –Love Letters–

    Also, Steven and I share our personal love letters on our blog –Real Love Letters–


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