My Prison Wedding


As you all know, I recently got married. I was surprised at how surprised some of you were. My Aunt Mindy didn’t even know I could get married while in prison. Mindy…thank you for your kind comment and your support. I cannot wait for my entire family to meet my wife!

Well do you all know that in April of 2017, I’ll be getting conjugal visits with my wife? OMG! Talk about excitement. Suzie and I will get to spend 48 hours together. Alone. Naked. Free to do anything we desire. We’ll be able to have these visits (called EFV’s) every 40 days or so. EFV stands for Extended Family Visit.

EFV’s are allowed with immediate family only: mom, dad, brothers, sisters, wife, kids, and grandparents. No aunts, cousins, step parents, or anything like that. The only thing better than an EFV with my family, is an EFV with my wife. But first, I had to get married. Here is how the whole marriage process worked:

#1) First off…I found the love of my life. (see: How I Found Love From Within Prison).


#2) After I found my lovely soon-to-be-wife, we had to fill out lots of paperwork. Some of that paperwork was to inform Suzie of what I am in prison for and for how long. She also received a summary of my actual crime. Then they ask her if she still wants to proceed.

They do all this because inmates lie and manipulate. Not all, but most. As for me, I’ve always been honest and upfront. Everything DOC told Suzie, I had already told her. And then some.

#3) After Suzie agreed to proceed, we had to do some pre-marital counseling with Reverend Walker. He concluded that we are a good fit, he had no objections, and he recommended that our marriage process advance to the next stage.

#4) Then Suzie and I each had to write an essay to the Facility Risk Management Team (FRMT), which they then look over and either approve or deny our marriage. We were approved!

Essay topic: why we wanted to get married. For two people as in love as we are, that topic was a piece of cake!

#5) Suzie got our marriage license while visiting me here in WA. Normally, the intended bride and groom must fill this out together in person. We did it through the postal service. She sent it to me to get signed and notarized, then I sent it back to her to get signed and notarized. It took longer than normal, but it got completed.

#6) Then it was time to set a date. We asked for Feb. 20th. They gave us Feb. 27th.


On Feb 20th, Suzie left California and started her 14 hour drive to Washington. On that very day is when a huge gang fight broke out. SCCC went on lockdown! We were going to spend Fri, Sat, Sun, & Mon visiting with one another before our wedding ceremony.

Things didn’t go as planned. All visits got canceled. We had absolutely no way to contact each other. Even our wedding date was in jeopardy of getting canceled. It was torture being so close, yet unable to visit. But we both remained positive & strong as we waited this out.

Finally the lockdown was cleared. I was able to call my fiancé to tell her that our wedding was still on!

At 10am on Feb 27th, I walked into the visiting room and saw my beautiful bride. Thirty minutes later, it was official…we were husband & wife.

Suzie is an amazing woman to have married me under these circumstances. Every girl dreams about their wedding day. None of those dreams take place in a prison visiting room.

We kept our ceremony to the bare minimal, small and simple. We had 2 witness’s: my buddy Matt Ruth (see, and my wonderful mother.

I have promised to give my wife the wedding of her dreams when I come home. Whatever my lady wants, she shall have. And it all starts with my love and devotion. I will give her the love she desires. I will honor and respect her at all times. I will constantly strive to be her dream man. It’s the least I can do for my lady who is willing to ride this out with me.

I love Suzie dearly with my whole heart. I am forever hers.

My thoughtful sister has created a Honey Fund for Suzie & I. To learn more, please visit the link here:




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