Gang Violence




The most violent gangs in prison are by far the northern vs. southern Mexicans. The California prison system won’t even put these two gangs in the same prison. It’s either one or the other. But that’s not the case in WA DOC. The Washington prison system houses everyone together.

Over the years I’ve seen many northern vs. southern gang fights. The southern always has the upper hand because they have more members. Time after time I’ve seen northerns get jumped, beat down, and then transferred on to the next battle ground. It’s on-going.

Just recently, here at SCCC, a couple southerns beat down a northern. They all got caught and went to the hole. But the northerns who stayed in population were still very pissed off. They all were on high alert.

The second I would walk into the chow hall I could feel the tension. The instant I stepped into the yard I could feel the tension. Violence was on the horizon and everyone knew it.

Since the southerns outnumber the northerns 4 to 1, the northerns had to plan their attack. They waited a few days and let things calm down.

Then, on Feb. 20th at 4:30pm, it happened. A group of northerns attacked a few unsuspecting southerns as they sat in the G-Unit dayroom. The northerns had shanks taped to their hands. They were out for blood!

Anytime there’s a fight in prison the officer pushes a button on their radio. This is known as the “panic button”. It sends a loud siren over the airwaves. Everyone can hear it. Including inmates.

As the G-Unit officer hits the panic button, all available officers go running to G-Unit. This loud siren is also a cue to a group of blood thirsty northerns in H2. They know that back-up is busy in G-Unit. So they make their move and attack a few southerns. Again, all the northerns have shanks.

As a second siren blares over the airwaves to this second fight, it also serves as a cue to the northerns in H5. They attack the southerns. And just like their homeboys in G-Unit and H2, they have shanks taped to their hands too.

On this goes, the southerns met their match. A lot of blood was spilled.


The prison went on lockdown for 3 days. Most of the cells at SCCC are “dry cells”. That means no water, sink, or toilet in the cell. For some, this was hell.

In order to use the bathroom, we had to put a sign in the window. Then wait until the guard made his way to that cell. In some cases, that took over 6 hours. Some guys were shitting in their garbage cans. I’m sure their cellies loved that!

All meals were served to our cells. There was absolutely NO movement!

Visits were canceled. That sucked for me because Suzie, my mom, and Austyn all had plans to come see me.

Meanwhile, the guards did a sweep on the facility. They gathered up all the remaining northerns and southerns regardless if they were involved or not. They all went to the hole.

Now here we are a few weeks later and everything is just peachy.



Steven Jennings


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